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The late King of Pop’s song “Heal the World” was originally released in 1991, with a video showing a variety of children from around the world. And now, Maati Baani has released a new rendition of MJ’s song that is being performed by 45 musical prodigies from around the globe that includes a video of each of these children performing it too.
These children are brilliant musicians that range between the ages of 5- years to 13-years old and the children performing Michael Jackson’s song are using different instruments such as guitars, drums, keyboards, pianos and of course vocal.

The lead vocalist of Maati Baani, Nirali Kartik, tells HuffPost India, “We are living in times which are not peaceful. We witness violence directly or indirectly everyday. We felt that it was the right time to do this and a great way to send a message to people affected by violence that we care and we are with you.”
The song’s collaboration was done completely online and the children involved in the rendition did not know each other or who else was collaborating with them.
“So for them, watching the video was like opening a surprise packet,” said the band’s guitarist Kartik Shah.
One of the children singing in the MJ rendition is Sparsh Shah. In January 2016, Sparsh released Eminem’s song “Not Afraid” with a classical touch to it.
Sparsh’s release on his YouTube of Eminem’s song got a response too:

Sparsh Shah, a 12-year-old singer has released an inspiring cover of Em 2010 smash hit “Not Afraid.”

Sparsh is a 12-year old musical prodigy that has an incurable disease called osteogenesis imperfect. This disease makes his bones extremely fragile and brittle and for that, he’s in a wheelchair.