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We’ve seen sickening stories about daycares make the news before and this one is no different.
One of the mother’s who has an 18-month old son that attends the Bradenton, Florida daycare was called by the adult attending to the children one day.
Caci Burke, 23, phoned the mother, Amanda Beebe and asked her to come to the daycare saying that she needed to pick-up her son because he had been bitten by another child.

It wasn’t until Amanda arrived at the daycare that she learned her son wasn’t just bitten, but he was attacked from head to toe with over one dozen bite marks.
It’s a sad to say that his bite marks were located on his face, arms, legs and his back too.
During her interview, Amanda tells how shocked she was when she saw her toddler and told us her initial response was, “All I could do was just pick him up and cry.”
Even in shock, the mom demanded to see the surveillance footage from inside the daycare that day, but says, “And I didn’t actually get to see the attack because the way the lady had the camera set-up in the room it was zoomed on one part in the room.”
She says that she did get to see her son at some point when he came into the camera  view she did get to see her sone alone and “sobbing hysterically.”
She said, “his face, the side of it was swollen. I got ahold of my husband and told him it looked like he was mauled by a dog.”
She continued saying, “Even the doctor looked him over, and said how can this happen.”
The Florida’s Department of Children and Family Services released a statement saying:
What happened to this child is absolutely unacceptable. We are conducting a child care licensing investigation jointly with the child protection investigation division of the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office. The employee responsible for caring for the child at the time this incident took place is no longer with the facility. Past inspections and violations on childcare facilities can be found online at
It was listed on the states website that the daycare, like other daycares, had previous complaints.
The woman who was in charge that day has been fired and was arrested on September 6th.

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