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It looks like Apple has made another break-through iPhone with the newest 7 and 7 plus model.
They just announced that their newest iPhone’s will come featuring water resistance, a dual camera system, stereo speakers and a darker back color scheme.
The phones are expected to have no longer have a plug-in for their infamous earbuds, but instead will be featuring a second speaker that will give the phone a stereo like sound.

The new phones will come with the new “EarPods” that have a Lightning connector for it along with an adaptor that will allow you to use the 3.5mm headphones if you wanted to.
The camera will include an upgraded camera that now has an optical image stabilization and a bright f/1.8 lens that will allow 50 percent MORE light than the iPhone 6s’.
Although the new 7 models will still have the same 12-megapixel sensors, the new cameras are going to be 60 percent faster and 30 percent more efficient.
Apple’s Phil Schiller tells us that the front camera was upgraded to a 7 megapixel that will now comes with an automatic image stabilizer that will help with better selfies and better videoing.
Their new look has eliminated that matte metal look and now is glossy and has a mirror design to it.
The new color is now called Jet Black and they’re also going to release a “standard black” and the gold, sliver and rose gold too.
The new AirPods that Apple has developed are designed for a full wireless set up. The new headphones are designed for both audio and phone connections… they were developed to distinguish between each feature of phone or audio usage too.
Here’s the real news… Apple is offering the iPhone 7/7 Plus phones to be available for PRE-ORDERS on September 9th and for purchase on September 16th.