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Ghost meets up with Ruiz to make him an offer he can’t possibly refuse.

Ruiz and Ghost Power season 3, Episode 308

Ghost sets the meeting up to get Ruiz “in line” as per request by Tommy. Ruiz is not a fan of the Serbs and wants to know why Ghost sent him away. Ghost points out to Ruiz that he knows that Ruiz has been talking to the feds, Ruiz immediately knows that it was Angela.

Ghost suggests to Ruiz that he goes back to the feds and give them an even bigger fish…Milan. Ruiz of course objects to the idea but Ghost makes a great pitch to Ruiz. Ghost tells him with Milan out of the way he will bow out of the game again. That will make Ruiz the new distro and he can get a new connect. Ruiz was basically like:


Looks like Riq is gonna have a new friend to replace Shawn and unfortunately its Kanan.

Riq links up with Kanan Power season 3, Episode 308

Kanan shows up at Riq’s school to meet him. He asks Riq if he wants to go get something to eat, Riq is reluctant at first and tells him he has to wait for Dre. Kanan of course questions the young teen’s manhood and he is not with that, Riq gets in the car. He then offers Riq some Texas tea (lean), Riq is also reluctant about that but you know that peer pressure is a bitch and he eventually takes a sip. SMH what in the hell is wrong with this kid Riq?

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Ghost gets a break, Donato tells him that the cigarettes are all linked to one bread company. He thanks Donato for the tip and tells him he will help him get promoted when he gets him the info for the bust. Tommy rolls up as the two meet up to have a conversation.

Ghost and Tommy meet up Power season 3, Episode 308

Ghost tells Tommy that he checked Ruiz for him, Tommy immediately asks Ghost if he has a plan to get out from underneath Milan? Ghost tells him nope that he has no plan, but that’s not what Tommy wanted to hear as he already knows from Tasha that Ghost is up to something.

Meanwhile this bad ass kid Riq is being taken down memory lane rolling through his dad’s old neighborhood with Kanan.

Kanan and Riq hanging out Power Season 3, Episode 308

Kanan tells Riq that his dad used to be a big time drug pusher in the hood and that he moved a lot of weight and that he was one of the baddest mofos in town. Of course Riq isn’t buying cause he is currently not a fan of his dad at the moment. Kanan then offers to show Riq some proof, proving that he was.

Tasha makes a last ditch effort to save her friendship with Keisha and explain herself in the process.

Tasha talks to Lakeisha Power Season 3, Episode 308

Tasha delivers a bag to Keisha with almost 500K in cash in it. Tasha wants her to take the money look the other way and help her prove to Milan that she can be trusted. Keisha reluctantly takes the bag and Tasha offers her an apology for everything. Keisha takes the bag full of cash and goes to the back.

When she walks away someone else enters the store.

Tommy comes to take care of LaKeisha Power season 3, episode 308

It’s Tommy and it looks like he is not there to talk at all.

Power Season 2, Episode ( Recap

Angela gets a surprise visit from her ex-boyfriend Ghost at was supposed to be just a pick up of some evidence.

Ghost surprises Angela Power season 3, episode 308

Ghost immediately asks her whats going on between her and Greg and Angela was like nope you will not be asking me that question. She points out that they are no longer friends or lovers and that they are just two people working together to stay out of jail.

Ghost then gives her the phone he took off Hugo, Angela asks if she can talk to Hugo and what is his location? Ghost tells Angela that he can’t tell her that or how he acquired the phone. Angela then asks Ghost where was he the day Lobos was killed? Ghost tells her at Karen’s hotel and that Tasha can could vouch for that. Angela then asks if they slept together and Ghost tells her no which is the complete opposite of what Tasha told her. She kicks Ghost out of the car, once he’s gone she removes the hidden wire she was wearing SMH.

We catch back up with Riq and his stroll down memory lane with Kanan. They are back at the apartment Kanan took over from the old lady he killed.

Kanan attempts to kill Rique Power season 3, episode 308

Kanan tells Riq about the history of the apartment, Riq doesn’t know that Kanan has a gun to the back of his head. Kanan is about to pull the trigger on Riq but pauses when Riq reveals he can’t stand his father.

Riq and Kanan and share a mutual hate for Ghost Power season 3, episode 308

Kanan joins Riq on the couch and listens to young teenager complain about his dad. He asks him if he wants to get back at his dad but Riq doesn’t know if he can after hearing all the things about him that Kanan told him. Riq questions if he can trust his dad, Kanan puts a hand on his shoulder and reassures Riq that he can trust him.


Ghost takes the new information he received from Donato and hits one of the bars pushing those illegal cigarettes.

Ghost doing invesitgative work Power season 3, Episode 308

He asks for a pack of the illegal cigarettes, as soon as he does a man walks in a package for the owner of the bar.

Angela stops by Greg’s apartment to present him with some new evidence.

Angela showing Greg proof Power season 3, episode 308

She reveals to Greg that she has been investigating Ghost too. She shows Greg the surveillance footage that puts Ghost at the hotel at the time of the transfer. She then shows Greg the video of Ghost walking in the hotel with Tasha.

Angela pulls the sorrow card on Greg and even gives him the right to say I told you so being that Ghost went right back to his wife. Greg feels sorry for Angela and the two even share a kiss.

Greg and Angel power season 3, Episode 308

Angela is still hurt by everything and Greg consoles her.

Meanwhile at the bar, a drunk Ghost is pouring out his soul to the bar owner about the Angela. He confesses that he still loves her, the owner tells Ghost that he’s sorry but he has to close up shop.

We go back to Greg’s apartment and we are treated to something we haven’t seen in a long time.

Greg and Angela sex session Power season 3, episode 308

If you guessed a sex scene with Angela and Greg congratulations! The two look like they are back on good terms again.

Ghost is still out investigating and goes to one of bread warehouses. While watching the warehouse a familiar face rolls up.

Ghost spots Tommy at the warehouse Power season 3, episode 308

He spots Tommy, and just to make sure he calls Tommy’s phone to make sure what he’s seeing is in fact Tommy. Tommy takes out his phone as the phone rings but doesn’t answer it. Ghost is absolutely appalled at to what to just happened.

Back at Greg’s the smash session is over, but it looks like it hasn’t really repaired the trust between the both of them.

Greg is still suspicious of Angela Power season 3, Episode 308

Greg sends a text to Medina expressing that he feels Angela is still working with Ghost and he thinks they can get the both of them still. SMH


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