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Dre and Riq are enjoying some quality time together shooting hoops together at basketball city. The good vibes quickly exit and things become quite uneasy when Kanan comes walking in.

Power Season 3 2016

Dre wonders if Kanan has GPS on him due to his surprise visit, Kanan tells him he had “business” on the other side of town and stopped by to see if they were still there. Kanan introduces himself as Slim to young Riq and quickly strikes up a conversation asking the young St.Patrick where he learned to ball.

Riq reveals to Kanan that he learned to hoop from his friend Shawn, Riq has no idea that he is talking to Shawn’s dad and killer. Kanan tells Riq that he knew Shawn and asks him he mind if he joined Riq and shot a few. Riq agrees, boy this young man has no idea who he is messing with right now.

Angela and Tommy are having a much-needed conversation back at Kate’s house.

Angela and Tommy talking Power Season 3, Episode 308

Angela tells Tommy that she knows that him and Ghost have something to do with Lobos. She suggests that Tommy and Kate work on their alibis cause if they don’t they can all be in big trouble. Angela makes the mistake of mentioning the trigger word Holly to Tommy. At least this time he didn’t empty a clip in response.Angela points out that if Holly was still around his alibi would be air tight and that she would have held him down being that she wouldn’t have cracked under the pressure.

Too bad she has no idea Tommy went nuts on Holly and choked the life out of her so that option is out of the window.

He points out to Angela that she may not be the inside guy but she damn sure told Ghost something.Tommy of course is enjoying seeing Angela under pressure and knows she is scared out of her mind at the situation and tells her it was dumb for to come to Kate’s house. He suggests to her that she stays cool cause if she don’t both her and Ghost will be rocking orange jumpsuits.

Back at basketball city Kanan is getting some important info out of Ghost’s son Riq.

Riq, Kanan and Dre Power Season 3, Episode 308

Riq is curious as to how Kanan is so good and able to shoot with the glove on and why he has it on anyway? Kanan doesn’t answer the question he looks at Dre and sends him off to fetch him and Riq something to drink. Dre looked at Kanan like:

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While Dre is gone, Kanan asks Riq what time does he get out of school? Riq tells him like three. Has this kid ever heard of the term don’t ever talk to strangers?


Before Kanan can get anymore info out of Riq, Dre returns and tells Riq that they really have to go. Kanan’s notices Riq’s bag and sees his school name on it. Looks like Kanan got all the info he needs now.

Back at Truth, Milan tells Ghost it’s time to set up a meeting with all of the “primeras” and take things to the next level.

Ghost of course has no choice but to do what Milan suggests and tells him he will set it up when he can. Ghost is shocked to find out that the meeting has already been set up when he sees all of the primeras downstairs in the club.

Ghost shocked to see the meeting is at Truth Power Season 3, Episode 308

A stunned Ghost walks downstairs and asks Tommy why didn’t he tell him about the meeting. Tommy tells him he couldn’t cause he was being tailed all day. Before the meeting starts Ruiz makes his way back into the fold and quickly makes his old subordinate realize who is back in charge.

Tommy kicks the meeting off telling the crew that not only will they be selling dope but they will also slinging Milan’s pills oh and not to mention they will be paying for it upfront. They all scoff at the idea especially Ruiz who points out he only sells DOPE not pills to soccer moms. Jae Shin also is not here for the pills, he also brings up the fact he believes that Tommy has something to do with the death of his son.

That would prove to be costly for the Korean drug lord and those would be the last words out of his mouth.


So long Jae Shin Power Season 3, Episode 308

With a nod of his head Milan signals for Jae Shin to be taken out. Honestly I don’t feel bad for Jae at all I mean he did call us the N word. GOOD RIDDANCE!

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The removal of Jae Shin gets everyone back in line and the meeting back on track as Tommy tells the room he’s going to teach them how to get the pills on the streets.

After the meeting is up, Ghost is clearly shook at what just took place and him and Tommy have a conversation inside his car about the meeting.

Tasha and LaKeisha are in the money now because of their new joint venture. The mood will quickly change when Tasha gets a surprise visit.

Lakeisha and Tasha Power Season 3, Episode 308

Milan stops to talk about what Tasha does at the salon. He tells her that she doesn’t need to worry about Keisha’s safety because she doesn’t know who Milan is. Tasha tells her it will stay that way because she doesn’t need to know . Milan knows that business is a front to help wash Tommy’s drug money, what the two don’t know is that Keisha is listening in on the conversation. The real reason behind his visit was to tell Tasha to tell her husband to ditch whatever plan he has against him.

After Milan leaves Keisha immediately calls Tasha out on her bull you know what.

Power Season 3

Keisha is not too happy that her bestie lied to her and turned her business into a drug front. Tasha insists she was never supposed to know keeping her safe and they have to keep up the front to stay safe. Keisha doesn’t want to hear it and leaves telling Tasha to lock up behind her.

Angela meets up with Greg to make amends and argues her case to him that she is not the leak.

Greg and Angela talk Power Season 3, Episode 308

Angela pleads to Greg that she wouldn’t do anything to endanger her coworkers but Greg isn’t buying it. He tells her that she needs to provide some sort of proof to convince him that she is not that leak.

The two have no idea that they are being watched though.

Ghost Watching the meeting between Angela and Greg Power Season 3, Episode 308

Across the street Ghost is spying on the whole meeting and he sees everything even the intimate touch between the two.


Mike was able to round-up the cash and the plane ticket for Hugo and is waiting to link up with him.

Mike waiting on Hugo Power Season 3, Episode 308

He has no idea that Hugo has been rubbed out by Tommy pretty much canceling out the idea Hugo killing his ex-wife and daughter. Mike’s only problem now is the feds discovering he was working with Lobos all this time.

Speaking of the feds MJ is back and she pays Angela a visit to tell her about her visit to Truth and her conversation with Ghost.

Lela Loren (as Angela Valdes) - Episode 308

MJ pulls out the big guns trying to get Angela to crack. She brings up the fact she knows that Angela and Ghost slept with each other and that Angela could get Ghost to flip because she knows that she is his weakness. She suggests that Angela wear a wire and get to him to talk on it that way Angela can wipe her hands clean of the matter. Angela of course sticks to her guns and for the time being shuts down the idea of that happening.

Ghost on the other hand  is feeling the effects of his investigative work into finding out the source of those cigarettes.

Tasha confronts Ghost Power Season 3, Episode 308

Tasha discovers Ghost passed out on the couch drunk and she is worried. Ghost ensures her that there is no need to worry and that it’s all a part of his plan but he needs more information on Milan before he makes a move. Tasha thinks possibly that no move on Milan would be a good move and would keep them safe but Ghost disagrees. Ghost leaves, Tasha picks up the phone and calls Tommy and leaves a message telling him that Ghost is plotting against Milan and that he’s drinking again.


Tommy is busy chatting with Milan about the meeting and how did Ghost receive it.

Power Season 3

Tommy tells Milan that Ghost wasn’t too happy about it but he eventually came around. Milan is one smooth talker as he does a really good job at planting the seed of deceit into Tommy trying to make him second guess his brother Ghost again. Milan wants to drive a wedge between the two and he wants Tommy to handle the dirty work of eventually rendering Ghost useless and probably eventually removing him from the equation.

Milan paints the an eloquent picture to Tommy by painting Ghost as untrustworthy and only looking out for himself and not worrying about Tommy.


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