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Tia Mowry has been in the entertainment business since she was 12 years old. Therefore, she’s used to the throws of judgement since that goes hand-in-hand with being in the spotlight.

So it comes as no surprise that when the actress attended a dinner hosted by feminine hygiene company Carefree in New York City on Wednesday evening, she was down for having a candid conversation about womanhood.

Looking stunning in an Alexander McQueen coordinate set, we talked periods, snapping back, and the dangers of living for the ‘Gram.

“Why are periods never talked about?” Tia, 38, openly pondered. She further pushed, “Why do they put pads, tampons, or panty liners in paper bags and then the plastic bag?!”

Periods have become synonymous with this hush-hush, mythical thing that no one really wants to talk about. How does the very thing that allows us to create life become something that is shunned in public? There are levels to period talk and the Sister, Sister star got real about how she explained the menstrual cycle to her 5-year-old son, Cree, when he walked in on her in the bathroom.

“Mommy had a boo boo and this is my band-aid,” Tia said of her chat with Cree.


Tia spoke candidly about her post-pregnancy experience and how she emerged triumphant after a meltdown from negative tweets regarding her post-baby bod and not losing the weight “fast enough.” She discussed arriving at the position of confidence and self-love through all stages and not feeding into media and strangers’ opinions. “I’m going to embrace who I am and celebrate who I am,” she proudly declared.

Embracing and celebrating yourself is something Tia doesn’t just speak, she embodies. She doesn’t photoshop her Instagram photos (You can scroll through her timeline and see photos of her without makeup).

“There are women living for the ‘Gram,” she stated, with a concerned look on her face.

We then talked about the insane pressures that come with woman and motherhood. How is it, after you spend nearly a year creating a human, society somehow expects you to “snap back” in less than eight weeks?

“It’s great if a woman can snap back quickly, but I was not one of those women,” Tia admitted. This is a part of the pregnancy process that more women should openly speak about: your body changes after giving birth and there are ways to deal and adjust to these new changes.

Tia is going along with the process day by day by working out regularly and eating a healthy diet. She knows that living “carefree” is the way to be.

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