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Nick Diaz

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The day after Nate Diaz’s UFC fight against Connor McGregor aka “Notorious”, he was interviewed by Submission Radio and was asked about how he felt about the fight, his loss and his health .
Nate walked up to the interview with a slight limp and he did sound like he was hurting too.
When he was asked about how he felt Nate said, “I’m feeling good. Just getting ready to go home or chill here. I feel good.”

Even though Nate was obviously preoccupied and not in a talkative mood, Nate did admit to already watching his fight, “Yeah, I did, I watched the fight and I thought I won it for sure. Last night I watched it.”
He also said, “Yeah, I think after the first round, all the way through.”
Nate made a two-million dollar purse on the McGregor fight and he didn’t make any future predicaments for himself, but he did say that he wouldn’t step into a fight unless the purse was like his fight with McGregor was.
He said, “Only if it’s a big fight, a big deal for a big contract.”
When he was asked if the McGregor trilogy was over and he was offered another big fight, would he take it and Nate said, “If it’s worth it, if they’re going to pay me out good”
As far as his brother Nick Diaz goes, Nick was banned from the fight due to a penalty fee that he still owes NSAC.
Who should Nate fight next?