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In a world full of sadness and bad news, it’s always refreshing to run across something that truly changes your perspective on life and generally serves as an uplifting message to carry with you. That’s exactly what a viral video of a martial arts instructor and his student have managed to do, as it’s also likely caused a few tears to roll in the process.


Clutch magazine gives a detailed account of the video and its message, and also why it was uploaded to YouTube in the first place. Be prepared to get all in your feelings.


Their report states:


The Cave of Adullam Transformational Academy, a faith-based Detroit group that teaches boys and young men the art of Mūsar Rū—which uses meditation and martial arts to help students learn discipline, recently posted a video of one student’s initiation test, during which the 9-year-old boy bursts into tears.


In the video, he struggles to break through a piece of wood with his fists and instead of reprimanding the boy, identified only as Bruce, for his tears, Instructor Sharath Jason Williams encourages them.


You can check out the beautiful VIDEO below and try not to cry:


As a footnote to the video, the instructor states his reasoning for sharing the video with viewers, stating, “We decided to share this part of his initiation test to encourage all of you to not only allow your sons to cry when facing emotional stress, but more importantly, patiently walk them through it.” There is never too much inspiration to go around, good job guys!


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