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The Seattle Seahawks rookie running back has opened up about his inspiration to push forward and to grab what you want in life.
He tells us that his father, Malcolm has a disorder called hypersensitivity pneumonitis, something that was believed to be caused by his occupational exposure at a pest-control company for many years.
Zac tells how being the second-younges out of five children that he became the man of the house in order to help his mom and dad out while his dad was real ill.
“When that happened with is dad, he couldn’t act confused or anything of that nature,” his mom, Nerissa said. “But he just stepped to the plate. Whatever I asked him to do: ‘This is what’s going on.’ We’d talk: ‘This is what I’m gonna need you to do.’ He had to grow up faster than the majority of the kids because of the condition that was going gone with us. So he had to grow up faster. He didn’t get the opportunity, the chance to really be a kid because he had to help out around the house with his dad.and everything.”
Zac’s father Malcolm tells us story saying, “I literally couldn’t walk. I stepped out of the van and fell straight to the ground, and actually a couple deacons had to come out and help me. They tried to send me home, but I told ’em I wanted to go to church. I didn’t want it to defeat me. I went into church. And I actually fought through th service and walked around the church during the service.”
Zac says, “I just learned how to fight. How not to give up. Because I can remember just like it was yesterday, he was just fresh out of the hospital, and that day it was Sunday, and he still wanted to go to church. He practically crawled into the church.”
“And that just showed me and it just inspired me, there’s so much fight. So much will to go and do that. Ever since then, I don’t know ho to give up. I don’t know how not to give my all. It’s just a part of me. That moment right there really stood out to me, probably more so than anything else in my life that I’ve ever experienced.”
Clemson’s Zac was drafted in the seventh round, 26 pick, 247 overall in the 2016 NFL Draft.

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