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Tonight’s episode of Hollywood Divas was another hot mess. The positive is that Countess and Malika finally had their chat, during a workout session, of all random places and kind of squashed things. Basically, Countess brought up the whole “her not being warm” thing. Malika said she brought it up just because she was trying to be direct and real. That’s it. But you know, dramatics and what not, so we’re still here talking about this, and it will probably continue to carry on across more episodes. Countess said it wasn’t that big of a deal, and seemed cool, but she still shaded Malika in her confessional.


Forrest and Countess seem to be mending things since the ketchup incident for the sake of music. Countess, Forrest and Paula got together to discuss music they planned to make, and Countess brought her stylist, Savannah, along (for some reason). Countess and Forrest kept it cool, but Savannah was on 10. Savannah, who is a transgender woman, immediately started throwing shade at Forrest because she said he said something homophobic. Surprisingly, he just apologized for whatever the offense was (we didn’t see this on camera), but that didn’t quell the drama. Savannah kept making passive aggressive comments about “eating Forrest’s hotdogs” in the music video they were talking about. Then at some point, Forrest said, “It’s all love, brother,” to Savannah (just returning the shade) and it was a wrap. They didn’t erupt into a big blow out, but Countess, Forrest, Paula, and Savannah, who really should have been there in the first place don’t need to do business together.


The crux of the episode took place at Paula’s friend’s comedy show. Paula’s friend, Carmen, is a comedienne and she invited Paula and her girls to one of her shows. Golden, Lisa, and Countess came through. Carmen warned Paula that she was probably going to go in on she and her girls. Paula warned the other girls what could potentially happen, but getting a warning is different from actually experiencing the treatment. Carmen went in, but she actually didn’t go as hard as she could have until she called Malika Khloe Kardashian’s shadow and then started talking about how she and Malika have in common the fact that they both got locked up for drunk driving.


The other women were acting like they were cool with Paula’s shady friend cracking jokes, but we know what group this is. This definitely isn’t over. The women, plus Carmen, met up backstage and the air was icy. Countess was especially annoyed and decided to leave to go “take care of her sick father,” the excuse she always uses.


Carmen had the nerve to tell countess not to take the jokes seriously and that it’s “just jokes,” basically working really hard for her camera time because she knows she was stirring the pot. #Corny.

But here’s the plot twist. Lisa followed Countess out after she stormed out and provided a supportive ear to Countess’ ranting. For some reason, Countess started ranting about being pissed at Golden instead of Carmen. Lisa and all of us are confused because, what the heck did Golden do and how do you go from Carmen’s shady comedy to Golden?


Anyway, that is how the episode ended, but you know this isn’t over. Countess and Golden have to hash out their situation, Carmen’s jokes will definitely get back to Malika, and you know the ladies will hold Paula responsible for bringing them to the show in the first place.


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