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Tonight’s episode of Hollywood Divas picked up from Paula and Golden’s argument from last week. The last thing Golden said to Paula was, “I rebuke you demon!” You know, for extra dramatics. So, yeah, they’re not on good terms. Paula went running to Forrest to complain, and her theory was that many of the other divas “grew up being inspired by her,” you know, since she’s such an O.G., with impressive work under her belt (see the hoodrat from Friday), so of course Golden and any other women who seem to have a problem with her are jealous.


Golden went back and told the other girls her version of what happened during her fight with Paula, but from the outside looking in you see that they’re both kooky. It’s just that in this case, Paula happens to be a little more insane. Malika got the bright idea for the women who have beef with Paula to get it together with her because she has yet to meet Paula, but likes the other women. Plus, Malika invited Paula to her screening party for the straight to DVD movie she’s starring in entitled, Definitely Divorcing.

Fast forward to the party. Countess isn’t coming due to her dad being sick (the excuse she always uses when she probably just doesn’t feel like showing up). This poses a problem because Countess is the only one who actually gets along with Paula, who actually showed up with Forrest. Paula and Malika’s first meeting went well, and Paula even claimed to be a fan of Malika via Keeping Up With the Kardashians. So far, Malika and Paula are cool, but Paula had to be messy by bringing up a convo she had with Countess about the first time Malika and Countess met. Remember Golden’s housewarming party, when Malika told Countess about the time they first met back in the day, and how Countess wasn’t very nice? Well, Countess felt some type of way about that and told Paula, so Paula mentioned it. Paula claims she brought it up so that they could fix it, but Malika was blindsided because Countess could have mentioned it at Golden’s house, but didn’t. Malika said that she plans to fix it next time she sees Countess.


Yeah right. All this is going to do is cause more drama. If Countess was petty enough to feel some type of way enough to tell Paula, then, good luck with that conversation. Malika is going to learn fast that this isn’t the Kardashians. Meanwhile, Forrest confronted Lisa and Golden about the beef with Paula. We’ve all started tuning out this conversation by now, but Paula walked in on the convo and at some point they all managed to hug it out.


But let’s count this as a temporary truce because we all know who we’re dealing with. Next week Malika will have her chat with Countess, which will probably spark some new tension.


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