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Source: Kiotti / Radio One Houston

Baton Rouge resident Alton Sterling was murdered by Baton Rouge PD. I watched the video myself. But does that mean they will get convicted? Not necessarily. In every nationally publicized “cop killing” there have been no convictions. Period.

Baltimore residents have been dealing with a similar situation. Freddie Gray was murdered in police custody. My brother Lawrence Brown (Professor of Public Health at Morgan State University) spoke on the Freddie Gray murder trails last night on PBS. He made some very valid points. Check it out.

I don’t know the answers to this problem. But I do know it’s a serious problem that needs immediate attention. I think about our ancestors and all they went thru. Before we can just place all the blame on police & how they handle “our people”… We have got to watch how we handle ourselves. Until we as a race put value on our own lives, how can we expect others to do so???

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