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99 Jamz UnCensored With Trick Daddy

Trick loves the kids, and that’s about it.

Trick Daddy was trending this morning, and if you know anything about Twitter, you never want to be trending topic. Two videos surfaced of Trick Daddy yelling, cursing, and spitting on a cell phone video.

It’s unclear who he’s angry at, but the Miami rapper repeatedly refers to someone as a “bitch” and a “hoe.”

“I swear before God,” he said. “Don’t play with me bitch. If you got a brother or uncle or daddy out there, you better ask them. I don’t f*ck around, hoe.”

From what we can gather, Trick Daddy seems to be alluding to something that happened on social media. “Talking ’bout you gon go live you gon go throw up my motherf*ckin’ name cause a bitch commented on my post,” he yells.

He even spits on the camera phone, yelling “I spit at you” and continues yelling, “Suck my d*ck from the back so when your jaws get tired you can kiss my ass, bitch. F*ck wrong with you hoe?


Trick Daddy hasn’t addressed the alarming videos, but we’re sure we’ll hear from him soon. If you’re at the office, put your headphones on, because this is definitely NSFW.


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