Gucci Mane Visits BET's 106 & Park - June 1, 2010

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Many people are saying that Gucci Mane is a clone.  Here’s a few reasons the Madd Hatta Morning Show came up with to support the Gucci Mane Clone Conspiracy.

Old Gucci

1.   Shot people that ran up in his crib & killed 1& got off

2.   Kicked a chick out a rollin car
3.   Only talks Ebonics
4.   Played the villain in the movie Spring Breakers
5.   Liked Lemonade
6.   Old Gucci moved bricks
7.   Wouldn’t give a F you think he’s a clone
8.   Liked Freaky Gurls
9.   Wore Locs
10. Live in a TrapHouse
11. Watched the Wire
New Gucci
1.  Would only collect guns
2.  Would get out the car and open the door for a woman
3.  Learns a new word out the dictionary daily
4.  Looks like a Spring Breaker

5.  Still likes Lemonade
6.  Just moved into a multi-million dollar brick house
7.  Would release an official state neither confirming or denying the rumors
8.  Likes A Freaky Woman
9.  Wears Cartier glasses
10. Lives in a home
11. Watches Game Of Thrones

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