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kylar Diggins is officially no longer a free agent today! Her long-time boyfriend, former Notre Dame college football player Daniel Smith decided to sign her to a long-term deal and proposed to her. The couple made the news official today on their Instagram accounts.

*Beanz speaking* yeah I’m happy for the couple but secretly on the inside I’m really like:


I definitely don’t look that crazy shedding tears,but you get my point and I am probably not alone. We wonder how Drake is taking the news, his thirst Skylar is well-known since this ESPY moment.


Honestly we know Drake will be fine, but what about his boss Lil’Wayne now he was a Skylar fanatic too. He was even attending Skylar Dggins’ games while she was still in college at Notre Dame.


Yes the thirst is or was real, and honestly we don’t blame Wayne at all for his valiant attempt. We are sure that Wayne joined in with men all over the world, falling to their knees,screaming nooooooo at the sight of Skylar saying yes.


Okay, okay yes fellas we gotta get over it, this is great news for the FLY couple indeed who have been in love since college. We are extremely happy for the both of them and wish them nothing but good luck on their journey to holy matrimony.

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Stay Fly!

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