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On June 14, Jimmy Kimmel Live did some kid friendly Hip-hop collaborations that included artists Ice Cube, Lil Jon, Ty Dolla $ign, A$AP Rocky and Big Sean.
During the show, Jimmy was telling us how he had a 2-year old and “I love that song ‘The Wheel on the Bus go Round and Round’, but after the 40th time in a row, I’m anxious for some variety.
And he tells us how he, “Teamed up with Ice Cube and friends to produce this great new album, kids friendly hip-hop songs we can all enjoy.”
And appears Ice Cube and he says, “I’ve been seeing this kidz bop bs for years, it got me thinking why can’t we do kidz bop with hip-hop?
So, I got some of my hardest rapping homies” and they put together some pg versions for their kids to enjoy.
They start with Ice Cube’s “Today was a Good day” and made it into, “Snow Day.”
It goes like this:
And the snow runs deep, so deep, so deep
Put my foot to sleep
I didn’t have to have a school day
I gotta say, today was a snow day
The next rapper is Lil Jon and he does a kids version of “Get Low” calling it a kids version, “Tetherball.”
It goes like this:
On the playground
Hit the ball
Let’s all play Tetherball
Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack little tether
Smack, Smack, Smack that ball
Ty Dolla $ign says, “If you love my song Paranoid, you’ll love it even more without all that naughty language.” That song was changed to “Dirty Boy” for a kid who has to bathe.
Next, we have A$ASP and his song, “F****n problems” changed to “Trucking Problems.”
Lastly, we have Big Sean’s “I Don’t F*** with You” changed to a kids song called, “I can’t tie my shoes.”
Ice Cube said, “You can spit the heat without using all the cusses.” He then has a kids version of the NWA’s, “F*** tha Police” into “Hug That Police.”
Check out their songs and their kidz versions too and say what you think too.

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