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T.I. has saved lives three times before, and he can now add another to the list.

In the middle of the chaos during last night’s shooting at his Irving Plaza NYC concert, T.I. regained control of the backstage area and directed his security team to call an ambulance as he sheltered an injured victim. In the five-minute video captured by Jon John TV, you can see T.I. drinking with his friends when mayhem erupts and hundreds of people rush out of the venue.

Soon after, T.I. is shown ushering people into the backstage dressing room area as his bodyguards block the door. Around the two-minute mark, the cameraman goes upstairs to get footage of the shooting. A final single shot then rings out, and people come rushing downstairs.

Inside the dressing room, T.I. gets the situation under control, saying, “Call the ambulance, we got somebody in here, they been hit and they need some attention.”

So far, it has been confirmed that B$B crew member B$B Banga (real name Ronald McPhatter) is dead, one person is in critical condition with CBS reporting that he will likely die, and two others are in stable condition.

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