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Rapper Fat Joe visited SportsNation with Max Kellerman, Marcellus Wiley and Michelle Beadle for a little chit-chat.
Michelle immediately started the segment off with, “The word on the street is that you got a Mike Tyson story.”
Fat Joe said, “I have tons of Mike Tyson stories, but this one is crazy because it was one night we was at the Tunnel. Me and Big Pun, may he rest in peace, we went there two deep, meaning two of us alone no entourage.”

The nightclub the Tunnel is apparently a rough spot and he said he doesn’t know why they went, but they went… at the time of this incident, Big Pun is one of the biggest rappers out.
And as Fat Joe says, “double platinum.”
Some of the club’s security wanted Big Pun to remove his boots to search him and he didn’t want to so then they start arguing, “F u, you’re mother this and that…”
One of the security was causing all the trouble and the other bouncers were like, “yo that’s Big Pun!”
Fat Joe said that he turned around and said, “‘Yo Pun just chill’. Next thing you know he said something about Pun’s mom.”
And that’s when the situation went from having the security on their side to having no one but each other.
“So I’m telling Pun, ‘We about to get knocked out, these guys are cocked-diesel seven footers.’ Pun’s like, ‘I don’t care, let’s do it, let’s go, let’s go.’ Now it’s eight of them, 8 out of 10, only two of them are like chill….”
“Out of nowhere, we hear this voice go, ‘Yo Pun, Yo Joe, let’s F these dudes up, I got your back.’ We turn around and it’s Iron Mike Tyson. 2:30 in the morning with the cuffie on, fresh outta jail, had the suit on and he gets starts taking off his shoes. It was a blessing, Allah sent us a blessing. He’s taking shoes off. Everyone is looking like oh my God this Iron Mike.”
He said, “We ended up going outside the Tunnel and Mike Tyson started chasing the bounce around the car like 20 times and the bounce was like, ‘Yo Pun, Fat Joe please, Pun, Fat Joe tell Iron Mike… call him off.'”
Marcellus started singing the State Farm commercial jingle… “Like a Good Neighbor” to laugh at the Mike Tyson to the rescue story too.
Doesn’t get better then that… good times, good times!