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This past week was a dream. I got to bring in Biggie’s Bday in his hometown state of New York! That’s a dope memory in itself. I also got to celebrate my friend PJ’s graduation from The New School of Drama (where he received his Masters Degree). Congrats, homie! I watched an off-Broadway play (Avenue Q) and I got a front row seat to ABC’s Daytime Talk Show “The View.”

I’m surprised I even made it in time, considering the fact that we were out drinking til 4am, but somehow we managed to pull it off! LOL My friends and I took an Uber to ABC Studios (77 W 66th St #13, New York, NY), because we were NOT dealing with NY public transportation that early in the morning on a weekday. Ya feel me?

Audience members stand in line outside for an hour and a half to secure seating. Thank God for my leather coat; otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to deal with that chilly weather. I guess “The View” pays for a food truck to feed us, because as we waited… we were served a complimentary continental breakfast. God was on my side that day. He knows that I have a nasty attitude when I don’t eat.

Anyway… we finally get inside…but it’s not inside the studio…it’s inside a waiting area! UGH!!! The suspense was killing me. I wanted to see Raven and Whoopi and Joy already! Patience is a virtue though, because the experience was well worth it. We were finally escorted to the main studio, after an hour of waiting for everybody to go through the metal detectors. (Wipes sweat off of forehead). I’m so happy I didn’t pack my gat. My friends and I walked on set and my eyes widened like a kid’s in a candy store. (No pun intended) S/O to The Only Kandi Mom Wants Me To Have. (Wink Wink)

There was a lady that was assigning us seats, a comedian on the mic welcoming us, music pumpin, people moving furniture on/off the stage and camera guys getting into place. I work for a radio station, but it was still so cool to see all of the moving parts of what goes on behind the scenes of one of my favorite shows. I’ve been watching “The View” for over a decade. Don’t judge me. I did time (worked) at TSU with an office full of women. “The View” is what we watched whenever the boss wasn’t there to help time pass by. LOL

Once the crowd got situated, the comedian decided to bring my friends and I onto the actual stage to dance and hype everybody up. I could’ve literally ran my fingers across the table that “The View’s” cohosts sit at. The hype man/comedian’s simultaneously telling jokes about how we remind him of a real boy band… like the incredible Boyz II Men. LOL

The crowd cheered for us and then all of a sudden it was 60 seconds until showtime. My heart was pounding as I fist pumped and clapped my hands to Bruno’s “Uptown Funk.” I was actually shaking a little. I was wondering if the main camera’s light was going to turn red and the first thing that the nation was going to see were my sorry ass  dance moves. LOL The comedian/hype man rushed us back to our seats in the last 11 seconds and I could not contain my excitement when I saw the ladies of “The View” strutting out to the table that I was just shaking my tail-feather on not too long ago.

In between commercial breaks, a gang of people would come out to touch up the cohost’s hair/make-up and prep them for the next segments. The comedian would also get the stars to answer questions from the audience during the breaks! Whoopi ended up telling us that she’s been thinking about how she wants there to be a live remake of Sister Act. She doesn’t want to film another movie version, because she wants the original characters to be apart of it and unfortunately some of those actresses have passed away. If a live version ever ends up getting created, she would play a small role in it (as opposed to being Deloris).

Margaret Cho and Jenna Bush Hager were guests on the show and before you knew it, it was time to go. :-( We didn’t take home new cars, but we did get a free copy of Jenna’s new children’s book “Our Great Big Backyard.” I had a blast. ABC Studios treated us like stars. Only thing I wondered after studying the panel’s body language is whether Raven gets along with anybody. It seems like she holds the most chips on her shoulders when she delivers her opinions/questions/statements. Hopefully, it’s all love! I like this cast of women and don’t think it should change anytime soon. Thanks for making my trip a memorable one, girls. And next time you’re in NYC, I would definitely suggest that you: Take a little time… to enjoy “The View” ;-)   -Amir Diamond

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