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It’s something you binge on after a night of drinking…. nope, it’s not what you think.
This creative idea was set to be biodegradable plastic can holders that you find on a 6-pack of beer. This idea means that there won’t be any fear of trapping sea animals, birds and other animals in plastic rings anymore.
The Saltwater Brewery is the creator of the newest packaging that is made of barley and wheat. This makes the beer rings not only biodegradable, but edible too.
“We hope to influence the big guys and hopefully inspire them to get on board,” Saltwater president and founder Chris Gove said in this promotion video.
They tell us in this promo vid, “Americans drank 6.3 billion gallons of beer last year. 50% in cans. Most of the plastic 6-pack rings used end up in the oceans. Around the world an estimated one million sea birds and a hundred thousand marine mammals and sea turtles becoming trapped in plastic or ingested and dying.”
And if that’s not bad enough, they also tell us, “People think that cutting the rings enough, but birds and turtles eat the plastic either way.”
And here is a piece of info. that I’m sure you didn’t know either, “This is the first time a 100% biodegradable and edible packaging is implemented in the beer industry.”
Think about it, would you pay a few extra cents if it was something to save the marina life?

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