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Daniel Craig

A famous person once said, “money isn’t everything.” Daniel Craig might’ve been that man. Reports say that he turned down nine figures to play in two more James Bond movies.

“MGM reportedly offered Craig about $100 million to return for two more Bond films after last year’s Spectre. They even tried to sweeten the deal by offering to let him be a co-producer on the films. A $100 million payday is pocket change for the Bond franchise. This is the same franchise that destroyed about $34 million worth of cars for Spectre.”

That’s a mighty high sum to turn down but this shouldn’t have surprised MGM. Craig spoke about the likelihood of returning to the franchise last November.

“Diving into his comments about wanting to “slit his wrists” rather than film another Bond movie, Daniel’s response was simple: it was an impulsive answer. He compared it to someone asking you if you’re going to run another marathon when you’re 200 yards from the finish. He hasn’t given it any thought, and the writers and producers are in the same boat, including concentrating on other endeavors for a while.”

His age could be part of his hesitancy since he’s now 48-years-old. Also, there were reports he injured his knee during the shooting of the last movie. There’s also a chance it’s simply boredom. After doing a movie in the same series four consecutive times, it might just feel like old hat to him.

SOURCE: Complex | PHOTO: Splash

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