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Samantha Reason has not had an easy life with her son. She had Savioun at age 14 after she was raped. Her God-father was a devout Jehovah’s Witness and did not believe in abortion. She then went through a 5-year court battle with her mother in order to have custody of her son. When Savioun was 8, she finally got custody, before that, he was in a residential treatment center. She recalls bringing Savioun home and the years that followed, “It was me and him through everything. We were a family. It was him and I. It was supposed to be you have my back and I have yours.”

Samantha Reason

Source: Courtesy of Samantha Reason

Until it wasn’t.

Samantha Reason says her son Savioun was always an amazing kid. She fondly discusses their great mother-son relationship and smiled when discussing how they would play video games, go out to “He never game me any trouble. Was always on honor roll on the football team. He had one year left of high school and I was so very proud of him,” she recalls. Samantha was extremely proud of the direction his life was going as she did not graduate from high school. However, little did she know that both of their lives would take a tumultuous turn.

Samantha Reason

Source: Courtesy of Samantha Reason

On October 17, 2015 Samantha called her son to let her know she was on the way home. She asked him to take out some chicken legs because she planned to make BBQ chicken. Leaving the supermarket and arriving at her home, Samantha recalls that everything seemed to be normal. She wasn’t suspecting anything…until she got into the hallway.

The hallway was so dark she had to use her cell phone light in the area ot unlock the door. She opened the door and saw her entire home was in darkness and paused. Something wasn’t right. The entire house was dark (there should have been lights on), her dog wasn’t barking. “It must have been God telling me not to walk through the house,” Samantha recollects. And it’s a good think she didn’t.

Surveying the area, she felt relief when she saw her son standing in front of the refridgerator. Her fear dissipated and she chuckled at him, “Awww shit, you scared me!” Right then, he rushed her, took a hammer and hit her on top of her head.

Samantha Reason

Source: Courtesy of Samantha Reason

Savioun is 6’2” and 250 pounds. Samantha stands at 5’7”.

After this, the first thing that Samantha could recall was the blood everywhere.

“I was covered in blood. We were tusseling and I’m in the hallway trying to get out of the area. At this time I didn’t know what I was hit with. I didn’t know what else was coming for me. I had to try my best to get out of the situation.”

She was fighting for her life.

“Why are you doing this to me? I’m your mother, I love you, why are doing this?”

She said whatever she could to get him off of her. She kept asking him, “Why? Why are you doing this??” Samantha then revealed to me that she realized she was talking to the wrong person…

“I started to pray.”

She begged to God with all that she has been through in her life to please not let her die at the hands of her son. All of a sudden, she could feel his grip loosening up. She was able to hug him, tell him she loved him and that they had to call the police and the ambulance so she could get help. She said she would tell the police it was an intruder. When he got off of her, he told her that he had snapped.

“My main objective was to get him off of me and get away. I didn’t even feel the pain. I just knew I needed to stop the bleeding and get somewhere, someway before I pass out from a loss of blood .”

It took the New Jersey state police in Augusta, NJ 45 minutes to respond.

As they stood outside waiting for the police, Savioun kept on telling Samantha he didn’t know why he did this. All Samantha could do was cry.

When the police came, they searched her house 3 times. When the police arrived, Savioun told the intruder story. Samantha told the truth. The police brought Samantha inside the house and as she’s getting ready to sit down, she almost sat on a huge butcher knife that was taped to a smaller knife with a blue painter tape.

Shortly thereafter, the police discovered Savioun’s girlfriend, hiding in the closet. Unbeknownst to Samantha, she had been living there for 3 weeks.

During the trial as if it wasn’t enough for Samantha to relive this horrible account, she discovered that the full plan: Savioun had expected her to walk into the house, where he would have hit her from behind with the hammer. Then, his girlfriend, would have stabbed Samantha, killing her. The teenage lovers said that the motive was because Savioun’s girlfriend had nowhere to live.

Savioun and his girlfriend were convicted for attempted murder. They are both serving four years in jail for pre-meditated first degree attempted murder.

Samantha was floored. This girlfriend was the same young lady that Samantha had picked up all the way in Pennsylvania, that provided money for clothing shopping, was an ear for her to listen too. “I’m a humanitarian. I don’t like to see anyone down and out…especially if I relate to you.” Samantha had felt that the girlfriend and her were similar in their rocky upbringing and wanted to serve as a light and a role model to the young girl. Little did she know, she was plotting to take her life.

Samantha recalled to me everything she told the judge regarding her relationship with the young woman. How she had helped the young girl so much. She gave her a name plate and jewelry that she had taken from Samantha. She offered to get Savioun and the young woman an apartment once they finished school. She drove 2 hours to pick the young woman up so she could take her to her own mothers’ home.

The two teenage lovers confessed to the crime. Savion claimed he felt bad for her. He didn’t want his girlfriend to be in the street and she had nowhere to go. Because she had nowhere to go, they decided to hatch a plan to kill Samantha. They were planning to live in the apartment.

Since this horrible crime, there are a lot of major changes that have happened to Samantha. She has gone through a plethora of emotions.

“I’ve been angry. I’ve been sad. I’ve been at my lowest of the low. I’ve hated him and I’ve hated the girl. I felt like she took so much.”

Samantha has also had to move, change her name, receive a new social security number and more. Out of the ashes of this destruction, Samantha has birthed, Broken Lives Restored.

She knew she needed to create a larger platform to help parents and children because as she began telling her story, she found a plethora of other parents that have been through a similar experience and even some that are suffering in silence.

“I went through anger, hatred, sadness, sickness, and feeling like the victim. Feeling so many different things. Somebody has to stop this madness. What happens to you, happents to me. What happens to him, happens to her. As a society, things have got to change. Children need to know that there is always an outlet. The answer is not violence. You don’t have to ruin your life or ruin someone elses’ life to get to a place where you are comfortable.”

What I have found so personally inspiring about Samantha is her power to forgive. Most people would hate their child, would never want to see them again. Samantha feels nothing of this. She loves Savioun and wants to be reunited with him once he serves his time.

“I just ask God to make things right. I’m still his mother. I still love him. This took place. This inspired me to set up a platform where I can save other children from going down this path. This act did not have to happen.”

Samantha Reason

Source: Samantha Reason / Courtesy of Samantha Reason

I was blown away by her power of forgiveness as well as her lack of fear. I couldn’t help to ask, “How are you not afraid?”

Samantha responds, “I am afraid. But you know what I know, my God that saved me that night. I could have been dead that night. Who am I to continue my life without putting God first? Without doing things differently? This happened for a reason. I truly believe God wants me to help empower other children.”

Samantha had to have staples in her head for 10 days. She also admits not being able to go to church for awhile. She explained how God placed forgiveness in her heart for her son and gradually his girlfriend.

“Anything is possible when you pray.”

She explained how we have to forgive.

“God forgives us for the most horrible things. Every demon as a future and every angel has a past. Who am I not to forgive someone else that God put on Earth?”

Samantha is focused on recovering, helping others, and trying to regain some normality in her life. She says her mind and spirituality are first.

“I prided myself on how good my son was. I prided myself on being on the streets and raising this wonderful boy. This killed my pride. This killed my motherhood. This killed my life. This stripped me. The only option now is to rebuild or die.”

And Samantha is definitely rebuilding. She has started a GoFundMe account for Broken Lives Restored.

“When anyone does something to your life and when you forgive them, I mean really forgive someone, you will be surprised how you can be at peace with yourself.”

Broken Lives Restored is an outreach program for mothers and children to provide them with resources and opportunities for support and to serve as an outlet. The money will be used to provide therapy, shelter and support for these families.

Please consider helping Samantha rebuild and create foundations of support for other families that will face this horrible act in the future.

How you can support Samantha:

Go Fund Me

Support Her Facebook Page

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