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The ASA Awards are looming, as is the anxiety about which of the Lyons will win the most coveted award. Will it be Lucious, Jamal, or neither? We shall see.

Cut to the scene where Mama Lucious is locked up at home with the housekeeper, proving to be difficult as she denies the food being provided citing lack of seasoning. Not only is she being crotchety, but she’s also stewing in her anger toward Lucious as she watches a news segment about the “Boom Boom Boom” video and learns that Lucious lied about her killing herself.

Jamal and Freda Gatz are back cool again and creating music, but that won’t last for long. We’ll get to that in a minute, but first, let’s talk about how Mama Lucious convinced Andre to take her to the ASA Awards. She claims she’s not going to say anything about being Lucious’ mom, but we know what’s up by now. However, the other Lyons still seem to think she’s a sweet old lady. Y’all know Mama Lucious is planning to destroy her son’s life, but Lucious got one step ahead. On the night of the ASA Awards, Thirsty showed up to the crib with some goons right before Dre and his grandma thought they were stepping out in style.


More on the ASA Awards later, though. Please believe it gets really hectic.

There’s an FBI agent sniffing around the Lyon family and Cookie is on to his games. Remember, they know him from back in the day, and he has been trying to get close to Cookie’s sister, Carol. Cookie stepped to him and told him to stay away from the family. He informed Cookie that Lucious killed Bunky. She didn’t flinch, but the seed has been planted.

Later on, Cookie tried to tell Carol that this agent was trouble, and to be smarter about her associations, but all we really got out of this conversation was why they hate each other so much. Carol feels like Cookie has tried to sabotage her throughout her entire life. Carol accused her of stealing all of her boyfriends, but especially Lucious. Cookie didn’t see it that way. In Cookie’s mind, Carol has always been jealous of her, and wanted her life. This convo continued going left and ended in flames when Cookie disinvited Carol from the ASA’s as her date. Yeah…this is going to backfire.

About that backfiring thing that happens…Lucious and Jamal got into a massive argument over Jamal’s sexuality—it’s the biggest argument they’ve had to date. They both said terrible things to each other, but the moral of this convo is that Lucious will forever hate Jamal for being gay (because we’ve long established that Lucious is actually Lucifer incarnate) and even told him that he’d be happy when he dies of AIDS (which was so cliché, and messed up, especially for a show that is the brainchild of a gay man, but I digress) and basically…


Later on, Jamal was complaining about Lucious to Cookie, but all Cookie could think about was convincing him to sever ties with Freda Gatz. When Jamal refused, Cookie revealed that she got out of the bing early for snitching on Frank Gathers.

And now we finally get to the the ASA Awards.

Thirsty and his goons are following Lucious’ orders by keeping Dre and Mama Lucious holed up at home. They won’t be able to attend the ASA Awards, but they can watch from the basement, though. They’re literally locked up in a basement in front of a TV (at least they weren’t tied up, though). Mama Lucious wasn’t feeling the situation and started talking about how the world needed to know that Lucious is a dang lah!

Carol showed up to the ASA Awards red carpet drunk, and Cookie literally almost dragged her, but kept it cool. Instead, she grabbed Carol’s hair while pretending to hug her and told her to bounce asaptually. Carol ran into Freda on the way out and tried to get Freda to let her in as her guest, but Freda declined. Then Carol told Freda that the only reason she’s in the position she’s in is because Lucious felt guilty about what he did to her daddy.



Freda snatched a gun from security (worst security ever) and tried to run up on Lucious, but Jamal jumped in front of Lucious, hoping to get Freda to stop, and of course, you know what happened.


Jamal got shot in the abdomen so he might live, but then again, he might not. Jamal is an important character, so the odds of survival are in his favor, but you never know.

The entire Lyon family, including Dre and Mama Lucious, who were finally freed, were at the hospital waiting for an update about Jamal, who was in surgery in critical condition.


Get this, after all of that drama that built up for months, none of the Lyons even won a dang ASA Award.

Lucious finally felt a modicum of remorse and told Cookie that he said some terrible things to Jamal and that it might have been best if his mom had succeeded in drowning him. No one seemed to notice Mama Lucious sneaking away. She went right up to the media and revealed to the thirsty reporters that she was part of the family, but the episode cut off right after a reporter asked her what her relationship was to the family, but we got trolled.

We’ll have to get Mama Lucious’ answer next week.


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