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If you haven’t tried McDonald’s coke then maybe you will now after reading why they’re so delicious.
Here are three reasons why they’re so much better then the others:
First off, McDonald’s doesn’t treat their Coca-Cola like other fast food restaurants do with having the syrups in plastic bags, no, McDonald’s receives their’s in a stainless steel container instead.
The stainless steel container preserves the ingredients that makes it taste better for the consumer.
They might not add extra syrup, but you’d be surprised to know that the amount they add is the same amount the other restaurants add too, it’s just a fresher flavor because of the way it’s preserved.
Secondly, McDonald’s pre-chill their soda before it goes into their fountain machines. The colder the temperature of their coke is the better and the cold also holds their carbonation better too. McDonald’s has the best cooler drinks than the competitors do and in the long-run, this means that the drink last longer and is more bubbly with a better taste.
Lastly, you didn’t know that McDonald’s filters the water more in order to keep the quality “higher” than the others.
In fact if you order your drink without ice, than you’re getting a slightly sweeter coke because they have factored in the syrup ration vs. the ice’s water.

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