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Activism comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. Some believe activism is protests in the street while others use social media to spread the message. The goal for a movement though, is to make people aware. Indecline, a self-described “underground movement of activists,” managed to spread awareness in a big way when they gave police brutality victims a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

“On Saturday, March 19, the group used an industrial-strength adhesive to install the names of the aforementioned victims alongside the group’s logo on vacant stars. The following Wednesday, they posted a video of the act with audio of a Malcolm X speech on police brutality playing in the background.


The group also took to Instagram to share their message behind the art.

“Indecline wanted to basically say that the few men and women featured in this piece, along with the overarching issue that binds them together, are more important than any of the names embedded in a star on the Hollywood Boulevard. Police Brutality and blatant disregard for human rights on behalf of rogue officers of the law are among some of the serious issues at present and they thought this would be a way to engage the public in this conversation.”

It’ll be interesting to see if authorities will dedicate any resources to finding the folks behind this. As of now, Indecline said they have no further plans to cover more stars.

SOURCE: HuffPo Black Voices | PHOTO: Instagram

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