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Nude Barre Moments

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In the age of social media, it’s easy to get caught up in the highlight reel of everyone’s lives. Status updates, tweets, and perfectly polished Instagram pictures paint a pretty picture of perfect journeys lit with celebrations, accomplishments, and achievements.

And it’s half a lie.

Yes, our lives are filled with moments of joy, but the pain that runs beneath our stories is often covered up in a mirage of social media slayage.

A desire for more honest conversations drove Hello Beautiful and Nude Barre to launch a #NudeMoments event to promote candid discussions between women.

Alicia Gooding, Partner at The CODE NYC (the PR Company for Nude Barre) explains her inspiration for the brand activation was inspired by Nude Barre‘s CEO and founder Erin Carpenter.

Almost 10 years ago, Erin was kicking off her first photo shoot as a Knick’s dancer when she was told to sport flesh toned tights, bras, and fishnets as a part of her required uniform. As a brown girl, nude color options just weren’t available to buy. A true entrepreneur at heart, Erin took her frustration and turned it into retail gold by designing and creating her own brand of fashionable undergarments.

The line’s color palette includes 16 flesh tones to match every shade of Black you can think of.

When Alicia and The CODE acquired Nude Barre as a client, they wanted to extend the conversation beyond  undergarments and literally delve into the unmentionable topics of Black women’s lives.

Alicia told HB, “We wanted to explore the story behind the sheer feeling of being ostracized from a community you know you deserve to be a part of.”

With this goal in mind, Nude Barre conceptualized the #NudeMoments idea to bring women together in a safe space for brave storytelling.

“We wanted to push the hosiery, but we also wanted to bring women to a platform where they could share their stories, hear other stories, and be exposed to other women who are going through tough times and overcoming them,” Alicia stated.

Hello Beautiful and Nude Barre hosted a group of women in Harlem, NYC on Thursday night to enjoy a night of food, fashion and camaraderie.

The room was overflowing with #BlackGirlMagic as brave women took a seat front and center to share their extraordinary journeys from heartache to triumph to a sea of strangers.

The emotion was so thick in the room at one point, we all had to circle up, hold hands and pray.

It was within this prayer circle that we knew that there was something powerful and necessary about sharing our stories openly and unashamed.

“We created #NudeMoments to empower women,” Erin Carpenter explained. “As women we wear so many hats and tend to hide or hold in our challenges. We wanted to create an open space to uplift women and share stories that will inspire.”

HelloBeautiful is encouraging more women to have their own #nudemoments.

As we walk this road in life, it’s important to know we are never, ever, alone.

You can purchase your very own nude colored garments at Nude Barre.

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Presented By: Nude Barre
Powered By: Hello Beautiful
Curated By: CODE of NYC
Cocktails Courtesy of: Rémy Martin V
Food By: Harlem Shake
Desserts By: Mini Treat Bakery
Sponsored By: Claim It App


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