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Eyeliner. It’s one of the first things we do every single day. The love-hate relationship with the eyeliner is a longstanding one. I love dressing up and accenting my eyes with black goodness that is eyeliner. However, I hate all the struggles I have to dodge on the daily.
Here are 7 eyeliner struggles ALL women face (unless you are a YouTuber):
1. Even winged tips…on both eyes. 
Which side is my best side? My ‘best side’ is whichever side my cateye is poppin’. Duhhh.
2. “Well, I’ll just make it a bit thicker…” 
Hello, panda eyes.
3. The various degrees of black.
Charcoal might be black with a hint of gray and noir is never as black as you hope.
4. Application while you are half asleep.
Putting on eyeliner first thing in the morning should be an Olympic sport.
5. The never ending choice between pencil, liquid, or gel liner.
Which one is best? Liquid of course…or maybe gel.
6. Who can REALLY tightline?!
If you haven’t blinded yourself while trying this trick then your eyes have watered so much that it’s no longer there (this job calls for waterproof eyeliner).
7. Smudging. 

It happened to too many girls for too long, that it just became a trend. You know, because we “meant” to do this.
No matter the struggle, as the co-pilot to your mascara, eyeliner is a loveable must! May the wings on your cateye be even and your hand ever steady!

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