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This week’s commercial free episode of Love and Hip-Hop New York opens with Rich Dollaz and Cisco finally link up to allegedly put their differences aside. Rich wants to get the conversation over with because he says he never cared about MariahLynn. Cisco claims he didn’t care about MariahLynn either, but was just trying to get Rich back for messing with Diamond Strawberry last year. This is as dumb as you can imagine it seems. Rich is the one with sense here. If they’re supposed to be such creeps then why get emotional over woman they’re not committed to? Cisco eventually got heated enough to put hands on Rich, but security broke them up and escorted Cisco outside to deal with MariahLynn. This is such a double standard. Cisco and Rich feel some type of way because MariahLynn was going back and forth between them, but they treat women like this all the time. It’s ironic that a self-proclaimed creep would be able to dish it, but not take it.


In the next scene, we find Yorma and her sister confronting Rose, DJ Self’s new sidepiece, at her place of business, the Beauty Bar. You know how that didn’t go well. Security guards stepped in and escorted the ladies out before things got physical. But like, didn’t we all know Self was lying when he said he was going to act right? Everyone but Yorma knew, I suppose. From there, she went to Self’s place of business (Power 105) and called him downstairs to confront him about Rose. Self tried to play her like she was being psycho just for the hell of it and like nothing happened with Rose, then Yorma revealed that she went to the Beauty Bar where Rose claimed she kissed Self. Self claimed she kissed him, but at least he didn’t smash, though, right? Yorma told him to eff off and stormed away claiming she was done for good. Riiiiight.


Peter and Rich meet up and go over each other’s problems. Peter’s problems are of course with Tara and Amina while Rich is beefing with Cisco. Eventually Cisco shows up and Peter tries to mediate. We’ll see how well it goes next week.

Remy has been on this resolving beef kick lately since she wants peace before her wedding. First she resolved things with her mom, and then she moved on to Rashidah Ali. She chose a boxing session, of all the random things, to hopefully smooth things out. They hadn’t seen each other since Rah’s maxi dress thingie, but they managed to resolve their issues quickly, and Rashidah even agreed to help Remy find a dress. That was when Remy dropped the bomb that Yandy was helping her with her wedding too. Rashidah feels some type of way about this (since Yandy is working with Mo from BBOD), and of course, because we know what show this is, Yandy showed up to their session wearing a waist trainer, looking like the poster child for Instagram basics (the only thing missing was the detox tea). Surprise! Rah greeted Yandy with a salty face. Remy might be done with beefing for now, but Rah sure isn’t.

We got a 10 minute sneak peek into next week’s episode, which picks up with the creep squad meeting, and we find out that Rich and Cisco actually end up apologizing to each other, and then and Peter Gunz delivers the dumbest yet most poignant quote in the history of his time on the show:

“I never want to see the creep squad break up our friendship over a chick. Even as creeps, we’re better than that.”

Uh…these are men with daughters. Scary.


Anyway, see you next week.


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