Football in motion over grass

Source: Thomas Northcut / Getty

It’s been nearly 40 years since Super Bowl XIV and that “Mean” Joe Greene’s coke-cola commercial aired.
The famous commercial was of a than 9-year old kid, Tommy Okon and Pittsburg Steelers’ Defense tackle after a football game.
In the commercial you see a Greene walking to the locker room after what looks like a rough game, injured looking and defeated.
The kid calls out to him and offers him his soda.
When he was asked about those 18 bottles of sodas he had to drink, Greene said, “I didn’t know any better. I chugged that doggone thing over and over and over.”
They asked him why people connected so much with he commercial and he pointed his finger at his co-star, Tommy Okon.
Okon said, “I don’t know about that. I think people that created it wrote a commercial that really tells a story… that commercial’s kind of what Joe is: tough, football player, who’s a nice guy.”
In the old 1980 commercial, you hear that iconic line, “Hey kid, catch!” That’s he line that he said after he drank the soda and looked like he got his second wind again.
The two re-enacted the commercial which made Greene a bit sentimental… he said, “Still special, after all these years,” as Greene is seen wiping tears from his eyes away.

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