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On the season premiere of her VH1 spinoff series, K.Michelle: My Life, the singer has an emotional moment with her former boyfriend, Bobby Maze.

The NBA player shares that he loves K. and is serious about being in a relationship with her but she doesn’t want to hear it. The Love & Hip Hop star reveals a major secret; she had an abortion after finding out that her boyfriend had lied to her.

“Bobby tells me he has only one child…I later find out there’s four f**king babies. Four baby mamas,” she said later in the episode. “What man can deny their own kids? If you can do that to your own children what the f**k will you do to me?”

During their emotional conversation, K. tells Bobby, “I know I’ve been good to you…I wanted us to have a family, I wanted everything for us…do you think about that? This time right now we would have a new baby,” she says.

K. goes on to reveal how sick she was during the first trimester of her pregnancy and Bobby wasn’t there to comfort her. She shared that she doesn’t believe in abortion but felt as if he left her with no choice. The conversation got heated when Bobby shared that he was tired of hearing K. relive the past.

While many people accuse reality shows, especially Love & Hip Hop of being scripted, the pain in K.’s voice couldn’t have been more real; The question is, was it too much for TV?

While I find it admirable that K. would be so transparent, in the age of social media, sharing your business leaves you susceptible to criticism. It can also lead to victim-blaming. When viewers were first introduced to the singer on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, she had to defend the fact that she was in a physically abusive relationship with her former boyfriend Memphitz.

While she was able to use her story to empower other women who had been victims of domestic violence, several of her cast-mates, most infamously rapper Rasheeda, called K. a liar.

Rasheeda’s allegiance was to her friendship with Memphitz and his wife Toya Wrightso she refused to believe K.’s detailed and explicit side of the story. Constantly reliving and reexplaining such a horrific time in your life would have been enough for most people to button up and never feel compelled to share their personal lives again, not K. Michelle, though.

She continues to share the inner-workings of her personal life and sometimes it’s humorous; she once said that she thought her “hot pocket” aka her vagina was broken and she went to the doctor to get it checked out. She’s also revealed that she’s had corrective surgery to minimize her butt after years of getting injections.

K. said having such an abnormal figure limited the clothes she could wear and it prevented people from taking her seriously. We wish K. Michelle would apply the same logic to oversharing her personal business. The singer seems to make more headlines for drama and “clapping back” as opposed to her music and it’s hindering her brand.

While her second album, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart briefly debuted at #1 on Billboard, the success of the album was overshadowed by her campaign to defend the fact that she had actually dated Idris Elba after receiving extensive backlash from women who called her a liar and thought it was unfathomable that the British heart-throb would date a reality star.

Even though K. uses reality TV as a platform to propel her music projects, we hope the 31-year-old can learn the importance of having an air of mystery regarding her personal life and simply let her music speak for itself.


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