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Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Source: Warren Little / Getty

The Jacksonville Jags’ tight end Mercedes Lewis just landed a role on the new TV show called, “Now We’re Talking” that should be out in the Spring time.
“Now We’re Talking” is a comedy show that stars with actors Tug Tanner and Tommy Arondall who play two former pro football quarterbacks that have a personal rivalry between each other.
The rivals are now playing as new sportscasters together on the show.
Marcedes is playing a pro football player who is taking broadcasting courses so he can try to land a broadcasting gig after. The character he plays runs into a bunch of former buddies who were trying to do the same thing… taking the broadcasting course.
He’s not the only one appearing on the show, the Steelers’ wide receiver, Martinis Bryant is going to appear on the show too.
The new show was started with LeBron James’ multimedia site, Uninterrupted.
The investment with LeBron James’ company was by Warner Bros. Entertainment and Turner Sports, the two companies have invested $15.8 million in the show.
LeBron said, “The best thing about Uninterrupted is there are so many creative opportunities for athletes to tell their stories. I’m excited to be partnering with important, innovative companies like Warner Brothers and Turner to keep building Uninterrupted as a place for athletes to go to connect with fans and share their stories in a different way.”

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