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Chicago Bears v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Source: Warren Little / Getty

If you’re a football fan than you’ve heard how the commentators respond during the game to on field injuries.
Well, during Saturday Night Live’s airing this past weekend (season 41), they did a skit mocking the way the commentators make those odd on air responses to a game injuries.
In the skit, you have guest host, Adam Driver and SNL’s Beck Bennett playing Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth in this skit along with SNL’s Pete Davidson who playing the injured player.
The skit is the playoff game between the Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers that aired on Saturday.
The play that they are mocking is for the fourth string quarterback that hasn’t seen the field all season, but was needed since all the other QBs were injured and were taken out of the game.
The skit has the QB’s first snap be a bust with a horrific sack/fumble and both his knees breaking backwards.
The commentators each had something silly and rocking to say such as:
  • “Folks, this is one of the worst injuries I’ve seen in my 40-year career.”
  • “That’s just devastating. I think watching that made me sick.”
  • “Absolutely. No one should ever have to witness something that shocking. Let’s see it again.”
  • “I do pray for him, I do. Let me assure all the viewers at home that we aren’t going to subject you to that again — from that angle — this new angle is much better. This new angle makes me think this is CGI or something.”
  • “Remember, the play is dead when the front of your knee touches the ground.” “Sure, but what about the back of the knee?”

No one should have to experience this kind of pain. But let’s watch this GIF over and over.

The real game between the Packers and Cardinals came to an amazing win in OT for the Cardinals… who now advances in the playoffs to play Carolina Panthers on Sunday.
Unfortunately for the Packers, they did have a real “OMG” injury when their wide receiver went out during the first quarter with a bruised lung.
His injury happened when he attempted catch for a touchdown. After the play, you can see WR Randall Cobb walking around, but you also see him taking deep breathes too… Cobb was later sent to the hospital.\

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