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GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Milwaukee

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Lights, cameras, celebrities and media outlets are in Vegas getting ready for a showdown. No, it’s not a Floyd Mayweather fight, it’s the GOP debate. This will be the fifth and final time all eight candidates will go toe to toe as they try to out talk each other but more importantly duck jabs from Donald Trump.

“They’re all coming after me,” said Trump at a recent rally “This will not be an evening in paradise for me,” added the frontrunner.

While Senator Ted Cruz has recently taken a slight lead over Trump in the polls, he’s not expected to stand out as much as Marc Rubiowho’s a strong orator and well versed on foreign policy.

This evening may also be a night of redemption for New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Ben Carson who are definite underdogs in the race. Christie recently received a key campaign endorsement in New Hampshire.

While Carson drew criticism for lacking in the area of foreign policy, he’s expected to discuss a recent trip he took to Jordan to assess the plight of Syrian refugees.

According to CNN, topics of this evenings debate will focus on “national security, the fight against ISIS and the role of Muslims in American society.” In addition to the aftermath of terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, California.

Tune in this evening at 8:30pm ET.


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