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A new study shows that house-sharing service Airbnb isn’t always accommodating for African-Americans. Research conducted by the Harvard Business School revealed that Airbnb hosts discriminate against people of color and those with ethnic names. HBS put together 6,400 fake Airbnb guest profiles, giving each profile a “White” or a “Black” name. The names were pulled from data gathered in the 1970s. The Airbnb hosts then pick and choose who they will allow to stay in their space. The guests with “White” names got approval 50 percent of the time, compared to 42 percent for Black names. “Life is tough if you’re a black guest on Airbnb,” said Ben Edelman, one of the authors of the study. “Particularly when you compare it to the baseline of the way things used to be. If you’re a black guest, you just make a reservation at the Marriott.” Profiles with the name Rasheed or Lakisha were 16 percent less likely to get approved for their stay than people with names like Brent or Kristen. Read more.

Howard University Leaning Towards Selling Their WHUT Station

After much speculation, Howard University is leaning towards putting their WHUT public television station on the market. The station is one of the only Black-owned public television stations in the country. The HBCU is considering selling it because the institution has hit hard times financially. The university is offering the station as well as the signal it broadcasts on, giving the new owners complete control over the call letters and programming. The F.C.C. has priced the station at $461 million.“For the larger community, I think, very often there is this sense that everyone has access to cable television and Internet, and so you don’t need traditional television over the air. But that’s wrong. We know that there are people who rely on over-the-air signals, and we serve those people,” said Howard faculty member Chukwuka Onwumechili. WHUT is currently viewed in nearly 2 million households. Read more.

Anti-Islamic Attacks on the Rise since Paris Massacre

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks last month, there have been several reports of harassment against Muslims in the U.S. and Canada. According to new numbers, over 70 attacks have been recorded. One of the most recent reports of harassment occurred in D.C., where nearly 80 protesters said on Facebook they would partake in a Quran burning outside the White House. Another incident happened at an NFL game in California, when San Diego Chargers security stopped a group of fans wearing turbans from entering the stadium. Read more.


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