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Internet thugs are hilarious to me. The web has been abuzz about the “Stitches Knockout” video that has gone viral. I’ve been seeing people trolling “The Game’s” IG about him being a “coward” for not fighting Stitches himself. If you missed the video, here’s the full fight clip!

5 Reasons I’m Not Mad At The Game

  1. Anytime a person announces via Instagram they are riding around looking for you, you shouldn’t be caught off guard.
  2. Your manager/security get paid well to keep you out of those type of situations. He did his job.
  3. The Game just got out of a situation fighting an off duty cop. He’s been in multiple situations for not using his head. Glad he’s learning.
  4. As a parent, never do things to take you away from your kids. Or things that financially affect their well being.
  5. This takes the cake for me. Dude was riding around in a car with other grown men for 2 hours. Then he tried to fight Game in front of the police. That’s not the time or place. Don’t write a check with your mouth that your ass can’t cash.

“100” The Game ft Drake

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