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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is a self-proclaimed ‘dirty hippie’ and has never been shy about her free-spirited ways. After taking a brief hiatus to work on herself and her album Bangerz, we’ve watched Miley come into her own right before our eyes.

Cyrus went from playing super adorable Disney Channel star Hannah Montana, to backing it up on Robin Thicke, to having a brief VMA beef with Nicki Minaj.

The psychedelic princess turns 22 years old today and what better way to celebrate than to count down all the times she ‘DGAF’ and reminded us that she is indeed a nonconformist? Besides, it’s her party and she can twerk if she wants to.

“Lighter” Video

Cyrus released the new music video for “Lighter” on Saturday, and calling it vivid or kaleidoscopic is an understatement. The Wayne Coyne-directed video stars Miley rocking little to no makeup with gold, shimmery eyelids. She’s even seen smoking a joint in one of the close-up shots.

Hosting the 2015 Video Music Awards 

From her abstract ensembles, to her pro-marijuana skits, Miley Cyrus’ time hosting the 2015 VMAs felt like one long trippy trip. MTV was even prepared to delay some of the audio in fear that Cyrus would say something not so family friendly.

Smoking weed on stage at the 2013 Europe Music Awards

The awards were held in Amsterdam, so it was only natural that stoner Miley sparked up a joint while receiving her award for Best Video.


Miley’s Instagram page is like a mashup of unicorns, rainbows, weed and random close-up photos of her famous tongue. Doesn’t get more trippy than that.

Happy Hippie Foundation/#InstaPride

Miley partnered with Instagram to bring visibility to the lives and stories of transgender and gender non-conforming individuals through her Happy Hippie Foundation. Such a flower child.

“We Can’t Stop” Video

It doesn’t get any more cool and free than partying in a mansion with your friends, clutching red cups, screaming…

“So la da da di we like to party

Dancing with Molly

Doing whatever we want,

This is our house

This is our rules”

Twerking on Robin Thicke at the 2013 Video Music Awards

As if having psychedelic ooze coming from her eyes and mouth isn’t free-spirited enough, rocking a latex two-piece and backing it up on a married man definitely qualifies.


Miley’s tattoos are a perfect reflection of her hippie lifestyle and persona. Her many tattoos include a dream catcher, the word ‘Love,’ hearts on her hands, ‘Just Breathe’ written in cursive, and a peace sign on her finger, which she says reflects her pursuit of peace, love, and happiness.

“Party In The USA”

Shouting out NYC taxi cabs and Jay Z definitely made Miley Cyrus’ “Party In The USA”  a hippie theme song of the 2000s. Not to mention the video was pretty far out.

“Wrecking Ball” Video 

You have to be pretty badass and eccentric to pull off super short locks, bright red lipstick, and a white two piece, all while riding a wrecking ball – naked.

SOURCE: Rolling Stone | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Youtube, Splash 

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