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I remember years ago a local newspaper was trying to do some expose on radio.  The attempt was to do a seething report on some type of wrong doing.

Fail!  But the part of the story that I found to be the funniest is that they thought they had some HUGE scope when they wrote, “And DJ Madd Hatta also goes by a rap alias and releases records as Mista Madd!

So, I’ve paraphrased a bit but you get the point of where this article wanted to go. Jokes on you though, my listeners new Mista Madd was Madd Hatta…ok, most did, some still don’t know but the majority…they knew.

Now, I’ve learned that depending on who’s writing or telling a story, it is their story and their truth and either you believe it or do your own research…if you’re really that interested.  I find most people are not interested in digging to find real truth in a story and unfortunately, we hang on to the most salacious of details and that generally satisfies us enough until the next story comes around.

So, saying all that, I thought it would be interesting to google Mista Madd and find out who he is and also DJ Madd Hatta to see who he is…and what did I find…….well, very little.

Here ya go straight from Wikipedia: Click Here

Did you notice, it ain’t much but even wikipedia, where someone did the work, just enough to spell the name correct, realized that Madd Hatta and Mista Madd were, “you guessed it,” one in the same.

Which brings me to why I’m even writing this.  I was told to write something interesting to share about myself and I’m not great at selling My Story.  There are some people that can talk for hours about themselves, that’s not a knock, do you.  I’m just not that guy.  I found my lane, I like to work, my company allows me to work and focus on that.

But here is the point of finding out who Madd Hatta or Mista Madd is, this is a required story that I was instructed to write about myself, generally I’m the kind of “who cares” kinda guy, so I wrote this very tongue and cheek and to fulfill upper management obligations, in the most loving way upper management.

But as I was writing this, I did come across something that caught my eye. See, I’m kinda reclusive these days and very reluctant to really talk to other media outlets, unless upper management mandated but as I was googling my own name for the sake of this story, I came across an old story that the Houston Chronicle actually wrote.  It was a little blurb about me to share with their readers. (By the way, thanks Chronicle)

So, although it’s from 2004, it sums up Madd Hatta pretty good. As for Mista Madd, we’ll deal with the rapper for another contractually obligated story I’ll write another day.

But in the meantime, enjoy the question and answer session I did with Lana Berkowitz in this very month of November years ago.  Click here.

**side note* Houston Chronicle was NOT the media outlet that wrote the attempted radio expose.


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