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Teairra Mari Portrait Session

The Confrontation

Amber links up with Milan during a studio session to get his side of the story about the Miles saga. Amber tells Milan that Miles has been lying about their relationship. Milan pretty much says that Miles lied to him about his relationship with her, and adds that they have matching tattoos and that he basically takes care of Miles financially. Amber then realizes that Miles has even given her money for bills that he got from Milan. She didn’t even know that he wasn’t making his own money. In the end, they actually manage to have a civil conversation and get the truth out. Miles is basically telling them both the same thing, but it seems like he wants to be with Milan since they were living together before this big blow up, and he actually broke up with Amber to be with Milan. Amber just says she wanted some answers and ends up hugging it out with Milan. Cheers to civil conflict resolution on ratchet reality shows, especially in the studio.

Willie’s Big Lie

Willie and his wife have family time where he decides to lie to her about getting out of the contract with his record label. You already know where this is going.

Later on, he goes to his old manager, Screwface, to try to get his help again. Screwface is reluctant at first, but then agrees if they go back into a partnership. Basically, Screwface wants to be Willie’s manager again. Translation: Screwface needs a percentage in order to really be trying to help Willie get out of his contract. Willie agrees and Screwface tells him that he’ll be out of that contract in 24 hours. Hopefully there won’t be any dangling folks off of balconies involved.

Rich Tries To Help Moniece Connect With Momma Marla

Rich Dollaz wants Moniece and Marla to straighten out their troubled relationship, but it’s just not going to happen overnight, and especially not on a reality show without the help of a therapist. In an emotionally charged conversation, moderated by Rich, Moniece questions Marla about telling Rich to break up with her, and about telling Fizz to sue her for full custody of their son. Marla says that all of her actions, even though they seem extreme, have been out of love. Marla says that she was hoping that the tough love would inspire Moniece to take more responsibility for her son. Moniece tells Marla that she never really thinks about how her actions can be hurtful. Marla apologizes for not being there emotionally, but Moniece says she’d rather live her life without involvement from any of her parents and wants to figure life out on her own.

No jokes here. This is heavy.

Teairra Is a Surgery Newbie

Teairra has never had surgery before, but finally decides to get liposuction. However, she gets this surgery two weeks before her big fashion show where she’s launching her blazer line and Nikki is showcasing her lingerie. Nikki and Hazel are nervous because Teairra seems to be thinking she’s going to be fine in two weeks, but the aforementioned queens of surgery inform her that this may not be the case since everyone heals differently.

A few days after the surgery, Nikki and Hazel visit Teairra, as she recuperates at home. She admits that she didn’t know what she was in for, that she feels like she has been run over by a bus and that she isn’t sure what her recovery time will be even thought the doctor told her she should be up and about in a week. On top of that, Nikki and Tee Tee reveal that they don’t know what they’re doing as far as planning their fashion show and really just don’t have it together. Hazel gives them some good advice on what they should do and even offers to help organize the event.

Willie is Free But…

So, you know Willie wasn’t just gonna lie about getting off his label without Shanda finding out, right? So, yeah…Screwface ended up getting Willie out of the contract, but this is not the happy day Willie had hoped for, little does he know. He decides to go home with flowers and bubbly to surprise Shanda, thinking everything is cool, but she’s not even home. She’s actually at the strip club preparing for work, aka Willie’s worst nightmare.

Here’s the thing, it seems like she really just wanted to get back on the pole just because vs. actually doing it for money like she previously said. She might have been worried about money, but maybe she was also just bored not working.

Amber Confronts Miles Again

Amber confronts Miles again, and tells him that she spoke to Milan. She asks Miles if he’s in love with Milan—as if she doesn’t know the answer to this already (but we’re used to Amber’s denial by now). Miles says he is, and Amber starts going off again about being hurt and not eating or getting any sleep. Miles tells her that he didn’t hurt her intentionally, yatta yatta. But like…can we stop beating this dead horse, already? Amber, girl, give it up.


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