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Back in my TSU/HCC/U of H Days, I had to make it work. (Whispers) And stop judging me because I went to 3 different universities. The only thing that matters is that I graduated! LOL Anyway…back to my story. Just like the average college student, I was on a tight budget but I still wanted to be fresh for the Halloween party so I worked with what I had:

  • my backpack
  • a button up shirt
  • an amazing spiderman shirt from walmart
  • my cousins old spiderman mask from the previous year
  • some 3D glasses

Now instead of spending money on a full Spiderman costume, I decided to

  • hang the mask from my backpack,
  • knock the lenses out of the 3d glasses
  • wear the t-shirt underneath the button-up

and be Peter Parker. It was one of my favorite costumes ever! Lol Get creative. Use some of the s*** you got at home and make your own costume. Save your money, people. Do the look for less. Halloween is only one night. You’re only gonna use that costume once. Unless you’re into that freaky stuff ;-)

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