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Contraceptive pills

The burden of contraception and pregnancy prevention, may not just fall on women anymore. For a long time, many have asked, “Why isn’t there a pill for men?” As it turns out, that question may now be answered by a new birth control pill that will be available for men.

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According to Newsweek, two drugs already available on the market used to prevent organ rejection in patients accepting transplants may now be used as a contraceptives for men. This adds to the short list of other drugs, including one JQI, a cancer drug that is currently being developed that may also do this double duty.

So how will this change sex and sexual intercourse between men and women? On the one hand, women may now be relived from taking the pill depending on the relationship. And questions may ensue about what would occur if both men and women took pills and the long-term effects of these actions. Of course too, in terms of social relationships, it’s worth asking how the pill would be marketed to men, and whether women would “trust” men to be diligent about taking a pill.

It’s all very interesting stuff. Read more about it at Newsweek.


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