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If you know Tim Tebow than you know he’s not just about being a quarterback on the field, no, he’s commentator and he’s one of Good Morning America’s people.
He’s also devoted to his religion, God, and to doing humanitarian work for people who might need it.
Even though Tebow was cut from the Eagles, he’s still going to do his goodness and spread it around to the people who might need it.
Tebow visited a young Gator fan Nathaniel Nelson, a 13-year old who is battling cancer.

Nathaniel was diagnosed in August with acute myeloid leukemia, the rarest of all rare forms of leukemia that usually affects those who are 65 years old OLDER.
When talking about cancer to First Coast News, Nathaniel told them that cancer is ten times worse than what he thought i was. “In my mind I know that I can do anything and beating cancer is one of those things.”
While lying in his hospital bed that is dropped head to toe in Gator pride, Nathaniel saw Tebow walk in and he was floored and moved to tears.
You hear Tebow saying, “What’s up man! How are you doing, I love your bed, this is fantastic.”
You can hear Nathaniel tell Tebow, “WOW! Thank you for visiting me.”

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