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Source: Ron Elkman/Sports Imagery / Ron Elkman/Sports Imagery/Getty

Who’s watched that crazy TV show “South Park” before? You’ve seen how they push the envelope on their show’s ideas using what is in the headlines as stories.
In this animated cartoon with Cartman cussing and saying eff this and that, they decided to bring the Deflategate out in their show’s 19th season opener this Wednesday night.

The creator used Roger Goodell, Bill Belichick and of course, Tom Brady in their seasons opener called “Stunning and Brave” about Cartman getting in trouble by the new school’s principal for breaking the rules of course.
In the show, you see Cartman telling his friends, “You know what, guys? I’m gonna to Tom Brady this thing.”
Cartman goes on with saying, “I’m going to say you’re not giving me four days of suspension, you’re only giving me one. No no, to hell with that, you’re giving no days suspensions.”
Later in the show, you see Cartman having a nightmare where he’s Brady, Goodell and Belichick all arguing about who broke the rules. The nightmare basically makes fun of Goodell being able to break the rules and not have to play the consequences for it.
Watch the vid and see the funny clip of Goodell saying he can break the rules, but you can’t…