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G Man and The Chile

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Jarryd Hayne, Australian rugby player, standing tall at 6 ft 2 in, 220 lbs, and only 27 years old, made his NFL debut opener on Sunday for the win and he wasn’t the only one.

The Australian reporter, Matt Cleary from The Guardian also made his debut with his commentary of the game on the blog.

Here are a few of his postings:

“I don’t admit to knowing a motherlode about American football but I do know there’s a third-string punt returner and/or running back playing called Jarryd “Hayne Plane and/or Train” Hayne, wear of the most famous No. 38 Australian sports history.
Okay, there’s a kick-off. The ball goes long. And everyone stops playing. The ball is with the 49ers now who do their thing. Hut-hut. No28 bumps his way through the Vikings (I know!) defence and that’s a first-down, baby. Top stuff. And there’s another one. 
Righto, nil-all still in the Big One, 49ers vs Vikings. And there’s another timeout. Vikings with the ball. They make four yards. They have to get another six to make a first down, it’s the laws of the game. But Niners defence belts the running man. And then several of them head off the field. Funny game, National Football League. A sack! The Niners D-people celebrate like they’re invented penicillin!
Vikings, at the 42… flags everywhere. Here comes the explanation. Good thing to do, tell everyone in the ground and watching on TV what’s going on.” 
Cleary never proclaimed he was a master of the American sport, FOOTBALL, but he tried! His blog was timestamped and detailed with play-by-plays and he ended it with
“Jarryd “Hayne Plane and/or Train” stats read:
Fumbles: 1
Pass Receptions: 3 for 7 yards
Carries: 4 for 13 yards
Touchdowns: 0
So, a solid hit-out for the rookie after dropping his first touch from a punt. Good luck to him. 
And goodbye for now.”
Hayne’s did have a tough start in the NFL, but he has the whole season to grow… perhaps! Check some vines out, watch Hayne’s debut. 
And you can go to The Guardian and check out the full game’s blog that Cleary did too,

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