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There sometimes seems to be an endless amount of stereotypes that plague Black women. We’re too much of this or not enough of that, and after a while it gets a little exhausting to deal with.

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Here are 5 stereotypes that need to end today:

1. We’re too loud

For some reason, Black women – Black people in general – get labeled as louder than everyone else. (Have you ever been to an Irish bar in your city?) Black people do have cultural reasons for specific mannerisms and demeanor associations, but the negative connotations of being loud is not specific to Black women. Shut this down.

2. We’ve got attitude problems

Is there any stereotype more tiresome than that of Black women having attitude problems? I fail to see how Black women collectively have attitude problems. Considering how it is also a cultural feature that we have a stricter upbringing, who exactly are we showing these attitudes to? No, we need to give this one a rest too, thank you.

3. We’re “too” aggressive

This one always cracks me up because in the grand scheme of things, the sociopolitical power of Black women in comparison to other people has historically been at a disadvantage. Who exactly are the victims of our aggression? For what it’s worth, I do think – again for cultural reasons – many Black women tend to be more direct and upfront which just means what you see is what you get so you know how to deal. Nothing wrong with that.

4. We’re jealous of non-Black women (and Black men in relationships)

This has got to be the most confusing one. There seems to be this modern misconception that firstly, Black women don’t like to date non-Black men – false. And then that we’re mad at Black men in interracial relationships. No, no, no, I guarantee you that most of us could not be bothered. Do your thing. As long as you don’t feel the need to have messy talk about Black women while you’re doing it, no one is bothered.

5. We’re ratchet….whatever that even means.

The whole “ratchet” thing is so problematic and played out, it shows what happens when subcultural terms and stereotypes hit the mainstream only to be made  worse. The whole notion of being “ratchet” is a classist and by extension racist characterization. Let this one go society, let it go.


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