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El Chapo

El Chapo may be the most slippery criminal on the planet.

Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera (aka El Chapo) has already escaped maximum security prison twice, and now, he’s managed to get away from Mexican Federal Police yet again. Authorities had every opportunity to catch the drug lord at a hospital following his alleged involvement in a car crash, but according to reports, he slipped through the cracks again.

The crash took place in Macuspana, Tabasco, where El Chapo was taken to a local hospital for treatment. As authorities made their way to the medical facility, El Chapo made his grand exit, stage left. Complex reports:

As expected, local authorities were immediately made aware of El Chapo’s whereabouts. However, this generation’s Pablo Escobar asked to be released and promptly exited the premises “minutes before authorities arrived.”

The hospital eventually refused to disclose El Chapo’s information and after all was said and done, ended up denying that he was ever there at all.

The site continues:

When questioned about El Chapo’s supposedly brief medical stay, the hospital director reportedly refused to disclose the patient’s information and eventually denied the entire situation (including El Chapo’s presence) outright. Last week, El Chapo’s son gifted social media with one of the most profound Twitter flexes of all time by sharing a geotagged photo presumably depicting a carefree evening spent with his father.

Catch him if you can…


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