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Love And Hip Hop Hollywood is the baby of the franchise with only one full season on the books, but with all the drama that was packed into tonight’s premiere episode of the second season, you’d think they’ve been around just as long as the others.

From very unlikely truces, to new love interests and even a gay Black male couple storyline being introduced into the mix, there wasn’t a dull moment on LHHH season 2, episode 1. Let’s get into the recap!

Tidal Presents The Atlantic Records 2015 BET Awards After Party

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The show opens with Moniece, Apryll and Teiarra Mari enjoying some girl time on the beach. Apryll jump starts the conversation by inquiring about the new man in Moniece’s life and although Moniece confirms that she’s dating, she decides to leave his identity anonymous for now. When Moniece shifts the subject to Teiarra and questions whether or not she’s really done with Ray J for good, Teiarra reassures the ladies that she’s moved on for real this time. Moniece then attempts to get the scoop on the recent arrest of Ray J’s girlfriend Princess, but Teiarra says her knowledge of situation doesn’t go beyond what’s been reported about the incident in the news thus far. While on the topic of Princess, Apryll reveals to the ladies that she actually invited Princess to attend an upcoming pamper party that she’s having after becoming friends with her last year. Teiarra isn’t thrilled about being in the same room with Princess, but insists that she’ll keep the peace as long as Princess “stays in her lane” during the pamper party.

Later, Moniece heads to the airport to pick up her “mystery man” Rich Dollaz. Both Rich and Moniece briefly recant their love story and she professes her undying affection…..for Rich’s “sauseege.” [Pause for grossness.]

Princess Love & Ray J

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Princess says she’s done with Ray J after catching him trying to “hook up with strippers” in their hotel room during a recent trip to New Orleans. She gives a brief rundown of their highly-publicized altercation that immediately followed and ended with her in a jail cell. Meanwhile, Ray J arrives at the apartment of Princess’ friend where she’s been staying to apologize for some of the things he said to her during the course of all the tension following the fiasco in New Orleans. He barely gets the words out of his mouth before Princess begins rehashing all that happened in New Orleans and demands an explanation. She’s unpleasantly surprised when Ray replies to her question of whether or not he is someone who cheats with other women when he’s out of town with a simple “you didn’t get with a square n***a.” Despite his dismissive response to her question, Ray J continues to plead with Princess to come home. To no one’s surprise, she refuses.

Later, Princess meets up with Ray J on a yacht and he claims that his problem with other women is a component of his “addiction” to after parties. When Princess suggests that maybe he should be single, he asks her what it is that he would need to do to prove to her that he’s sincere about letting go of his bachelor lifestyle. Princess is surprised when she responds by telling Ray J that he’ll need to get rid of his apartment and he agrees to move.

2015 BET Awards - Arrivals

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Apryll watches from the front row as Omarion performs during the RnB Live showcase at Studio City. Omarion admits that while it’s been a great year for him professionally, being a father to his new son Megaa has been the highlight of it all. Apryll greets Nikki at the bar to thank her for coming to Omarion’s show and update her on their life. She tells Nikki that since she’s been bringing Megaa on the road, her sex life with Omarion has started to suffer. Nikki encourages her to pop up on Omarion more often at work in order to make time for sex and she agrees that it’s a good idea.

Taking Nikki’s advice, Apryll dresses in sexy lingerie and makes an impromptu visit to Omarion while he’s at dance rehearsal. Omarion is more than happy with her surprise visit and they immediately make plans to escape to a nearby room for some one-on-one time.


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New cast members Amber and Miles work on a joint track at the studio and also reveal that although they aren’t together at present, they started off as high school sweethearts. While explaining his “complicated” relationships with Amber, Miles reveals that the real reason they’ve become distant is because he’s been seeing someone else but isn’t ready to tell her yet. It’s later revealed that Miles’ new love interest is Milan. Miles insists that Milan is the first man he’s ever been with and says he’s hesitant about going public with their relationship because he feels it will make things more difficult for him if he’s known as a gay rapper. Milan says he understands Miles’ apprehensions about coming out to the world and his family, but says that they’ll have to end things if he doesn’t make the decision to do it soon.

Teairra Mari Performs At Club Bed

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Princess, Nikki, Moniece and Teiarra Mari all arrive separately for Apryll’s pamper party. When Apryll tells Princess that she invited Teiarra to the party as well, Princess reveals that she’s actually been hoping to talk to Teiarra. She approaches Teiarra shortly after the pamper party is underway and the two begin to have a civilized conversation. Princess insists that her problem was never about Teiarra and Ray’s history, but more about Teiarra threatening to punch her in the face. Teiarra says Ray J was to blame for provoking her to make the threat by telling her that Princess threw her things away. She then inquires about the alleged injuries Princess inflicted on Ray J and Princess insists that none of what was reported in the media about her part in their physical altercation was true. Teiarra isn’t surprised and says she also had experiences with Ray J feeding false information to the media during their relationship. The ladies seem to have a moment of truce as Princess tears up while Teiarra encourages her to believe that she deserves better than to be treated badly by Ray J. After agreeing that things are now good between them, they hug it out and get back to the pamper party.

'Turbo' - Los Angeles Special Screening

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Without telling Princess, Ray J decides to throw one final party at his apartment but it comes to a halt when Princess shows up in a rage after receiving a text message from one of her friend asking if she was attending the party. Things quickly escalate after Princess insults the half-naked strippers at the party and tells Ray J that their relationship is over. She makes her way to the door to leave but when one of the strippers randomly shouts out an insult about Princess’ feet, Princess makes her way to the woman and attacks her.

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