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Psycadelik Thoughtz

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I love you Kanye, but B.o.B’s “Psycadelik Thoughtz” is one of the best projects of all-time! This dude does not get the recognition he deserves, but he has definitely been putting his fair share of work in. If you follow Bobby Ray Bands, you’ll notice that he has been all about finding peace and centering himself recently. This new album project helps translate all of that energy into something extraordinary. Read my review and then find out what the final grade is below.

** = My favorites.

Psycadelik Thoughtz is the perfect way to start the audience off. It’s the title track that helps warm us up for a new sound that we are about to experience. It’s indescribable. There has never been a rapper who has mixed all of these different genre’s together to create something of this magnitude. Sure, it could be argued that it’s been done in the past. Nothing is new under the sun. Run DMC and Kid Rock started it with “Walk This Way,” but for the most part… Bob is doing it solo dolo (meaning he’s the rapper AND THE ROCKER).

Violence continues to play around with an alternative type sound. I know from listening to Bobby Ray’s music that this sound is the place that he’s always dreamt of going. In past albums he’s rapped about how ‘After #StrangeClouds…he’s gonna drop a rock album!’

Confucius is the type of song that is literally hypnotizing. It is very reminiscent of Ceelo. I’m telling you… this ain’t the typical rap project. You are in for a treat.

**Back And Forth reminds me of an old school “Computer Love” type disco-funk record. I admire that this guy ain’t afraid to sing on his songs, rock out, rap and do whatever the f*** he feels like doing. He doesn’t seem soft for expressing himself in that manner; he seems more like a G for that if you ask me.

Plain Jane is the song that talks about the realities of a girl who is not happy nor confident in herself…not even her name. Ironically, it seems as though he sees the beauty in her before she does. Ain’t that how it always happens? SMH Sighs.

**Hourglass is my all-time favorite song on the project. It’s the most fun! Even the lyrics are playful: Tip it over like an hourglass ;-) LOL I joined B.o.B on Periscope over the weekend and he admitted that this was his fav song as well but he would probably stop liking it because he feels as though it’s going to be everyone’s favorite and will get played out. His second favorite song is “UP”

Psycadelik Thoughtz

Source: B.o.b / B.o.b

Violet Vibrato takes on a sad, country vibe. The song is well-placed too considering we just got finished partying and need a moment to catch our breath. I love to hear projects that are well-rounded. If you remember… when I reviewed Kid Ink’s Full Speed album, one of my main critiques was how I wish he would’ve gotten more personal on atleast one of the records. It makes the artist seem more human. We’re not always in fun, upbeat moods.

UP is one of the few rap songs you’ll hear on this project. lol And that’s not a bad thing. It’s the closest you’ll get to B being gangsta and gritty. In other words, it’s a reminder to let you know that he still shoots when he needs to.

Joburg is a dope mixture of B.o.B’s strong rap skills with that mello, jukebox type groove that we were introduced to early on in the project.

Love Life is the song I couldn’t wait to get to simply because B’s girlfriend Sevyn Streeter is featured on the song. I was anxious to see what type of story they were gonna tell. I gotta admit, it’s not as dope as “Shoulda Been There” but it’s still a cool track. It’s a song that I could see/hear being a pop single and music video.

Have Nots brings the project full circle to bring light to the underdogs. It’s a chant for anyone who has a dream of making it to the big leagues.

FINAL GRADE: A+. Thank you for redefining what it means to make real music in a time where every other artist is stuck in a stagnant place. You took a risk, experimented and took your time. Keep being you. I appreciate what you just did for the world of hip-hop music! And although I didn’t want this project to end…it served it’s purpose. You put me at ease for a while. I got my B.o.B fix. Good job, mayne. BRAVO!

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