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Dog, American Staffordshire Terrier sitting, (Portrait)

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The other day the Arizona Cardinals safety, Tyrann Mathieu aka “The Honey Badger” did a videoed PSA pointing out the dangers of locking your pets inside a vehicle.
During this PSA, Mathieu sat in a locked car on a hot day for eight minutes before the suffocating heat inside was too much for him to handle. Mathieu exited the vehicle running out and completely covered in sweat.
During his staying inside the vehicle, Mathieu estimated that the temperature inside reached 120 degrees.
He said 120 degrees and if that’s accurate, than that’s 120 degrees in eight minutes…

“Just to constantly remind people about the things we do as humans that we might no consider dangerous or harmful to dogs,” Mathieu told NBC Sports Radio. “I was very grateful, very pleased with the response I got.”
A reporter for the Washington Post, Rachel Weiner, wrote in a February article, “In 2014 according to state reports, PETA took in 2,631 cats and dogs. All but 307 were euthanized.”
Aside from the alarming numbers for PETA’s euthanizing of cats and dogs, what Mathieu did was something that has reached an alarming number of people.
It was the perfect public service announcement, it’s educating pet owners and bystanders of the dangers of a locked car on any hot summer day.
Check out the vid of Mathieu’s eight minute PSA with him sitting inside the locked car.

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