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World Economic Forum in South Africa

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According to reports, 84-year-old Archbishop Desmond Tutu was recently hospitalized for an infection. Tutu, who is a Nobel Peace Prize winner, has battled with health issues for years. He was admitted to a Cape Town hospital on Tuesday. Reverend Canon Mpho Tutu, one of his children, said the family hopes he will return home soon. In 2014, Tutu canceled his travel plans due issues related to prostate cancer. He also took tests the year prior for an ongoing infection. Tutu received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his work to end apartheid in South Africa. He launched the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation in the ’80s and played an integral role in other organizations as well. Read more.

President Barack Obama Compares Himself to Reagan and Nixon

In a recent interview, President Barack Obama got candid about the way he handled limiting Iran’s nuclear program. He compared his approach to former presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. “You know, I have a lot of differences with Ronald Reagan, but where I completely admire him was his recognition that if you were able to verify an agreement that [was negotiated] with the evil empire that was hellbent on our destruction and was a far greater existential threat to us than Iran will ever be,” he said. “I had a lot of disagreements with Richard Nixon, but he understood there was the prospect, the possibility, that China could take a different path. You test these things, and as long as we are preserving our security capacity — as long as we are not giving away our ability to respond forcefully, militarily, where necessary to protect our friends and our allies — that is a risk we have to take. It is a practical, common-sense position. It’s not naïve; it’s a recognition that if we can in fact resolve some of these differences, without resort to force, that will be a lot better for us and the people of that region.” Read more.

Sexual Assault Charges Against Rachel Dolezal’s Brother Dropped

Former president of the NAACP Spokane, Wash. chapter, Rachel Dolezal, has found herself in the midst of controversy again, and this time it doesn’t have to do with her race. Dolezal’s mother recently shared that the sexual assault charges placed against their eldest son Joshua Dolezal were yet another lie created by Rachel. On Monday, prosecutors dismissed the charges. “My family and I are grateful that these false allegations have been dismissed and that justice has prevailed,” said Joshua. “We are thankful to our family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues who have supported us throughout this ordeal, and we are so happy to once again face the future with hope.” Read more.


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