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Corona beer hit the “horrible taste ratings” and is the fifth-best-selling beer in America too.
It’s such a hit in selling that there is now a Corona beer shortage around town.
The company told The Wall Street Journal that they are spending $1.5 billion just to expand their main brewery on the Mexican border.
They also have a goal to open a new plant in 2018 in California too. “We’re doubling capacity and brewing at the same time,” an executive from parent company said. “There’s nothing like it in the brewery world.”

Kyle Stock at Bloomberg said that it’s market share is “growing while the rest of the beer business is drying up or being siphoned off by new small-batch brewers.”
“After 3,200 reviews at, Corona has a grade of 1.69 out of 10,” according to Businessweek. “The Beer Advocate gives Corona an ‘awful’ rating of 55 out of 100 and the following description: ‘Faded aromas of sulfur, faint skunk, mild cooked veggies.”
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